Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MLM Absurdities: What is Herbalife Doing in Cambodia?

Back in November 2013, Herbalife announced it is entering Cambodia with its flagship products: nutritional shake, personalized protein powder, and herbal tea concentrate, having previously entered Vietnam.

The question here is... what is Herbalife doing there? Is there a need for Herbalife products in Cambodia (or Vietnam)?

According to Herbalife, Formula 1, personalized protein powder, and herbal tea concentrate are all a part of its weight management product line.

Does Cambodia and Vietnam have a population overweight problem? No. In fact, they have an UNDERweight problem.

Here's Unicef's statistic on Cambodia and Vietnam

Both nations are plagued by malnutrition with VERY VERY few people overweight.

Why would either country even NEED "weight management" products?

Heck, there's not even a McDonalds in Cambodia! And Burger King has just entered Cambodian market in 2012.

Average annual income in Cambodia is under $900 USD.

Who can afford to buy $32 per can of "Formula 1"?

Herbalife entering Cambodia and Vietnam is like selling snow to Innuits (aka Eskimos) at caviar prices. 

Ask yourself this logical question: What sort of illogical crap are their distributors feeding the local population to sell Herbalife products? 

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