Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ten Months Later, Zeekheads Still In Denial

English: The protest event Occupy Wall Street ...
English: The protest event Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park in New York, on Day 8, September 24.
with protester making a sign "I don't mind being called a conspiracy theorist" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A hearing about dissolving the receivership of Zeek Rewards ponzi scheme was moved to July 2013. And the news coverage of that attracted many ZeekHeads posting comments such as

"There was no victim until the SEC got involved."

"Someone paid off the judge and they closed Zeek with minimum evidence".

"Government is the crook that stole our money"

and other comments of a similar nature.

It was last August (16-AUG-2012) that Zeek was closed. Ten months later, Zeekheads are STILL in denial.

It was last September that I posted "7 Myths/Excuses Zeek Apologists Kept Repeating" and it's interesting that the same ones are still being used.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: TelexFree gets "cease and desist" court order in Brazil

According to Brazilian news "Globo" (as reported by Behindmlm) the local court judge had ordered TelexFree to cease operation in its recruiting and and advertising arm.

Oz at BehindMLM has long concluded (back in 2012) that TelexFree is merely a Ponzi scheme disguised by a telephone company, and since then the various supporters of the scheme have circulated various misinformation, including "there was no investigation in Brazil" and so on and so forth, despite newspaper reports. TelexFree allegedly hiring Gerald "I can't spot a Ponzi with both hands and a flashlight" Nehra didn't help either.