Saturday, May 24, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Released Katia Wanzeler, require her to surrender passport and not leave Massachusetts

According to anonymous sources as revealed to Boston Globe, Katia Wanzeler was released on Friday, 23-MAY-2014. This cannot be confirmed because she was arrested on material witness warrant at JFK Airport for testimony about the TelexFree fraud in front of a grand jury, and such proceedings are secret. She was required to surrender her passport and required to stay in Massachusetts. Attempt to leave could trigger an arrest and prolonged jail stay due to contempt of court.

Katia Wanzeler was arrested a week ago, at JFK airport (in New York, not Boston) trying to board a flight to Brazil with a one-way ticket, along with 4 suitcases and $3000 in cash. She has yet to be charged with any wrongdoing.
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

NEWS UPDATE 22-MAY-2014: FBI / HSI Victim Reports; Uganda makes TelexFree arrest; Nevada Denies TelexFree telecom license; Ponzi Experts Talk TelexFree

FBI Badge & gun.
FBI Badge & gun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
News Update for 22-MAY-2014

FBI Needs TelexFree Victims' Help

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) needs more victims of TelexFree to step forward and report how they are victimized. Please go to the following link to visit the FBI webpage, and fill out a questionnaire at the end.

Please note this is for the CRIMINAL case, which is separate from the CIVIL case pursued by SEC

Uganda Makes First TelexFree related arrest

Uganda makes the first TelexFree related arrest of a local Ronald Muramuzi, who apparently was recruiting people into multiple HYIPs under multiple aliases and alternate names, and thus making himself quite rich. He's alleged to have profited by 2.37 Million USD (over 4 billion UGX)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Where is Katia Wanzeler? Asked Her Lawyers

According to an emergency motion filed merely hours ago (21-MAY-2014) in Boston, lawyers representing Katia Wanzeler (yes, there's more than one)  don't know where their client is.

After Katia Wanzeler was taken off the jetway leading to a flight going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at JFK airport last week, she had been detained on a material witness warrant by Federal court in Boston, MA issued 14-MAY-2014, and US Magistrate in New York (which is where JFK airport is) has remanded her to US Marshals to be remanded to Massachusetts as of order of 15-MAY-2014.

And her lawyers claimed that she has NOT appeared in front of grand jury yet, as of today, and they want to know why. And they ask the judge to order the US Marshals to expedite and to hurry along so Katia can regain her freedom, as she had not been charged with any crimes (yet)

This is not on any news, as the documents were filed merely hours ago, and spotted by sharp-eyed Don over at ASDUpdates.

Speculations are running wild, that perhaps USDOJ are preparing charges to hold Mrs. Wanzeler, now that her husband had flown the coop.

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News Update 21-MAY-2014: James Merrill in jail, Merrill's Brother Subpoenased, Wanzeler spotted in Brazil

James Merrill Bail Denied

As reported yesterday, James Merrill, co-owner of TelexFree and now subject of criminal investigation by US Department of Justice, has his bail denied by magistrate as he's deemed a flight risk despite promise to surrender passport and/or surrender deed of his home.

James brother John Merrill subpoenaed by Massachusetts Secretary of State

Boston Globe has just reported that the Mass SecState Bill Galvin has subpoenaed James Merrill's brother, John Merrill, head of Fidelity Bank, for an interview, believed to be involving TelexFree and James Merrill.

While Fidelity Bank was among the various banks that TelexFree had a financial relationship with, Worchester Biz Journal reported that a spokesman in Bill Galvin's office confirmed that this is about whether John Merrill has any personal knowledge or involvement with TelexFree, instead of a bank relationship.

A Fidelity Bank spokesperson has stated that John Merrill have no statement at this time, and neither does the bank except to say that they believe the bank has committed no wrongdoing, and is cooperating fully with law enforcement.

Acceris Realty, owned by Katia Wanzeler, involved in TelexFree in multiple ways

In related news, documents filed to court as evidence indicated that "Aceris" (or Acceris) Real Estate is one of the various companies setup by the Wanzelers, with Joe Craft's help, and may have received money from TelexFree.

Acceris Realty was registered by Joe Craft, CFO of TelexFree, back in early 2012, according to corporate records, before he became CFO of TelexFree. Acceris is owned by Katia Wanzeler, and is related to multiple properties in Massachusetts. Joe Craft is best known for his role for attempting to retrieve his laptop and 38 million in TelexFree cashier's checks WHILE the office was raided by Federal agents on April 16th and attempted to pass himself as a mere "consultant for TelexFree bankruptcy", and only reluctantly opened the bag for Sheriff's deputy when asked, and the checks were discovered. At least one of the checks was made out to Katia Wanzeler for amount of over 2 million dollars. It is unknown how much other funds had Acceris received from TelexFree, and whether this may constitute money laundering.

This, along with other TelexFree related companies also registered by Joe Craft, raises questions on how deep is the relationship between Joe Craft and the TelexFree coowners Merrill and Wanzeler, esp. prior of him becoming CFO of TelexFree. And how aware is he of the REAL financial situation at TelexFree.

Carlos Wanzeler, along with daughter Lyvia, is believed to have driven into Canada while his house and company was raided by Federal agents on April 16th, the day after TelexFree filed for bankruptcy. The BMW they drove was registered to Aceris, according to documents filed in the "material witness" warrant used to take Katia Wanzeler (Carlos' wife) into custody. There are unconfirmed reports that Katia may have driven a vehicle owned by Aceris to JFK Airport in New York. When detained by Federal agents at JFK, Katia Wanzeler has one-way ticket to Brazil purchased by someone in Brazil (believed to be Carlos Wanzeler) four suitcases, and $3000 in cash.

Carlos Wanzeler may have reached Espirito Santo, Brazil

According to TelexFree's Brazilian lawyer Antonio Carlos de Alemeida Castro, aka "Kakay", Carlos Wanzeler is in Espirito Santo, and Kakay had spoken to him already, as reported by Globo.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: TelexFree co-owner James Merrill bail denied, will stay in Federal Jail

News just broke that the judge has denied bail to TelexFree co-owner James Merrill, despite promises of him and his wife to surrender passports and put down deed to their house as security bond.

Judge cited that Merrill still have access to many accounts not yet frozen in areas outside of US jurisdiction, and it is possible other top promoters, not charged yet still sympathetic to TelexFree, may choose to hide him and/or help him escape should bail be allowed. Perhaps even Carlos Wanzeler, believed to be in Brazil and considered a fugitive by USDOJ, may help him escape.

MLMSkeptic points out that Carlos Wanzeler is believed to have tried to help Katia Wanzeler, his wife, escape the US buy buying her a one-way ticket to Brazil. She was caught at the airport with 4 suitcases and 3000 in cash... and not Boston airport but further north, JFK Airport in New York. It was believed that Carlos Wanzeler himself have left the country LAST MONTH by driving into Canada.

Merrill's lawyer vowed to appeal the decision.
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