Thursday, June 26, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Zeek Receiver sued Kevin Grimes and Howard Kaplan for negligence, wants $100 million EACH for damages

According to documents filed by Zeek Rewards receiver Ken Bell with the court, he intends to file lawsuit against both Kevin Grimes, head of "Grimes and Reese LLC", and Howard Kaplan, renowned tax expert, for legal malpractice in their role to prop up Zeek Rewards, as it is clearly a ponzi scheme. Receiver is seeking over 100 million in damages against each defendant.

According to Zeek receiver Ken Bell, both Grimes and Kaplan should have know that the business model as presented by Zeek cannot possibly to be true based on their own expertise in their own respective areas, yet both allowed their name be used in association with Zeek Rewards and its parent company, Rex Venture Group.

Grimes created a "compliance program" for Zeek affiliates i.e. what can be said and what cannot. One such "certificate of completion" is reproduced below, from court document filed back in 2012 as part of SEC complaint against Zeek.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scam Psychology: Did they really think they can get away with it? They sure did!

Sometimes, the actions of certain... perpetrators are puzzling, at least to people from the outside looking in. If they had not gone back for that one last thing, they may have gotten away scot free, but because they felt they can do it, they now face much much more trouble than if they had not.

One such incident, which had nothing to do with scam, was published at Jalopnik recently. Basically, a motorcyclist at Golden Gate Bridge did not like the camera crew from Channel 4 News there filming. So the guy made an illegal U-turn, went down the ONRAMP the wrong way, parked his bike, just to come have a "don't film me!" moment with the reporter. Which of course, only lead to even MORE filming. The entire sequence was caught by surveillance camera at the control center, who then summon Golden Gate Bridge Patrol, who detained the gentleman for questioning, and upon finding that the bike is UNREGISTERED, and the guy doesn't even have a motorcycle license (he has a car driver license) California Highway Patrol was summoned and the bike was towed and the guy have to find some other way home.

The guy seriously thought he can make illegal U-turn, drive the wrong way down on-ramp, and have no consequences? Nah.

Alleged crooks do things just as stupid, and sometimes, much worse.

Those who keep up with the Scamworld should recall that when TelexFree in Boston was raided by law enforcement on April 16th, 2014, the day after they tried to declare bankruptcy in Las Vegas (on the other side of the country). DURING THE RAID, their Chief Financial Officer Joe H. Craft tried to retrieve his bag containing his laptop and over 36 MILLION in cashier's checks, all of which are company money. When accosted by a Sheriff's Deputy, Craft claimed he was a bankruptcy consultant and all that is his personal property. He was ordered to hand over the bag, NOTHING leaves, and that's when the cashier's checks were discovered.

The guy seriously thought he can lie to law enforcement, and try to leave with over $36 million in cashier's checks, when there's a Federal and State police raid in progress?

Ah, but things can get worse. In at least two more cases, two potential idiots seriously thought they can get paid more when they may actually OWE money.