Saturday, July 6, 2013

TelexFree Location Lie: It's TVI Express All Over Again

It's interesting how the scams just repeating themselves, albeit with a different audience.

Recently, when the Brazilian courts issued an injunction / cease and desist order against TelexFree, the various Brazilian affiliates started touting that TelexFree is a US company with a dozen year history.

Here's one example:

Yes, the corp search is real, but you need to read the WHOLE history... Like there are TWO TelexFree companies...

So where is this first one? Type in the address given: 4705 S. DURANGE DR., #100-J51, LAS VEGAS, NV  89147  USA into Google, and you get a mini-mart with mailboxes:

#100 is the mini-mart, and J51 is the mailbox number inside. You can zoom in on the streetview and you can see the Beauty Store is #110, and to its right is #115. So there's no doubt Minimart is #100. This is just a mailbox. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Ponzi Liar Gets Jail Sentenced Doubled by Judge

A fraudster who got people to hand over 1.5 million had promised to pay back most of it to get a reduced sentence. When it was found that the guy hadn't paid a single cent, but instead, was exclaiming to the media that "New York district attorney has terrorized my family and me for six months", the judge revoked his plea deal and sentenced him to DOUBLE his original sentence.  He's gonna get four to TWELVE years.

Woo in 2013: Some bogus images "proves" their product works? Nah.

Mr. Bogus
Is your product from Mr. Bogus?
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The problem with modern health is it's so complicated that modern charlatans moved in using pseudo-science, fancy jargon, and bogus advertising to claim their products work.

In 2004 or so there was a flood of so-called "foot bottom patches" allegedly from Japan. The claim was you apply these to the bottom of your feet at night, and when you wake up in the morning, you'll find the patches having turned dark, and that supposedly had leeched "toxins" from your body, thus proving it works. 

What utter bogosity. The patches actually turn dark to ANY moisture. Just drip a few drops of distilled water will make them turn dark. Tests of pads turned dark with distilled water vs. pads turned dark under actual feet, as well as unused pads were tested, absolutely NO difference in metal content was found. 

The claims were so bogus, FTC sued the makers of Kinoki pads and shut them down. They claim they didn't really make money and thus can't pay the FTC fines. 

And now the patches are back, with even MORE bogus claims than EVER. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: If You Got Net "Profit" of $1000 from Zeek, You Need to Contact the Receiver!

According to the settlements thus far, and statement from Zeek receiver Ken Bell's update to the court, if you own as little as $1000 (i.e. you're a "net winner" and you got $1000 or more profit from Zeek) you need to settle with the receiver or he's going to SUE you!

Yes, as little as $1000.

And indeed plenty of people have settled, usually at 60% rate, i.e. if you owe $1000, you may be able to settle for about $600.

Those still dreaming about getting away with their illicit gains can expect to sweat quite a bit more.