Saturday, February 27, 2016

Charity MLM? What a joke, and here's proof

Here's a simple and logical premise: MLM and Charity does NOT mix.

Think about it. MLM is a MONEY MAKING enterprise, both for the company itself, and for the individual affiliates. Charity is.. altruism. The two goals are mutually conflicting.

That doesn't stop a bunch of lame MLMs from trying to cash in on the charity angle, some by claiming it is helping kids where you "donate" your money to them, and they will deliver the food to kids in some third world country. Another claim that by participating in their penny auction your bids will be partially donated toward a worthy cause. There are many other variations, but they all include a supposedly non-profit charity making profit AND income for participants.

And in 2016, it turns out that leader of one of these so-called charity MLM is the largest tax cheat in the state of Oregon.

A gentleman by the name of Randall "Randy" Jeffers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do You Know Where Your Money Went If You Invested in a Suspect Scheme?

According to court documents made public recently, ZeekRewards ponzi scheme victims may have a longer wait if any money can be recovered, for millions of their money held by payment processor for Zeek being a high risk client, may have been in several Eastern European Banks that have been shut down for fraud, and chances for recovery is remote.

Zeek Rewards was a Ponzi scheme in North Carolina that ensnared MILLIONS of victims in the US and beyond by promising massive profit sharing from the alleged penny auction business if they "purchase" bids to be given away as promotional items and in return gets a profit share based on amount of bids purchased for the next 90 days at daily rate of up to 1.8%. The scheme collapsed in 2012 when facilities was raided by SEC and Secret Service agents and entire operation closed down. Since that time, a receiver has attempted to recover tens of millions of dollars held by third-parties, who were supposed to obey court orders not to move the money, and to be eventually returned. Yet it is clear now this order was not obeyed on many occasions, and tens of millions have gone missing.

Before the collapse of Zeek in 2012 Zeek consultant "Keith Laggos", MLM Expert, boasted that he helped Zeek management to move payment operations abroad. People then didn't ask why. The reason can only be that US financial institutions no longer want to touch Zeek. Now, millions of dollars are out of the US, and potentially out of the reach of the victims, all thanks to efforts of Zeek to continue operating its criminal enterprise by moving money overseas. If this all sounds confusing as heck, let's start from the beginning.