Friday, November 1, 2013

Like TVI Express Scam, WCM777 Ecuador stole President Clinton's Thank You Video

Recently I found this Tweet from WCM777Ecuador

Yes, that's a message from Bill Clinton, recorded in 2007, thanking DSA.

You know who else stole this video to pump itself up? TVI Express Scam.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

WCM Head Ming Xu posts paper with name Siemens China and some unknown company, claim it is "agreement"

Previously, Siemens corporate and Siemens Taiwan both have denied any involvement with Ming Xu, WCM, WCM7, WCM777, and such companies.

Ming Xu claimed otherwise. He tweeted this minutes ago:

Does he really expect us to accept that a piece of paper with two names on it, NO DATE, NO CONTEXT, and accept his word it's some sort of an "agreement" between WCM and Siemens?

Heck, I read Chinese, and other than the stamp says "Siemens China", I see nothing that authenticates ANYTHING.

Also note the interference pattern. That's not a scan. That's a picture of a computer monitor taken by a smartphone.

There is a Goldpoint Holdings Inc. ... In California, headed by our buddy Zhi Liu (head of WCM777, of course!), registered April 2012.

Manta estimates this to be a 2 person company, with revenue of 100000 annual. It can't be that big in that suite, because it's shared with a "Handy Business Guide" company.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WCM777 affiliate steals Will Smith "inspirational" video, just like Club Asteria Scam Did in 2011

Recently some WCM777 affiliate started passing around this video via Twitter

Which is this video on Youtube, where someone cut various Will Smith quotes from his interview with Steve Croft (on 60 Minutes) and Charlie Rose (PBS), apperance on Ellen Show, and his movie into a 10 minute inspirational video... With Spanish overlay subtitles.

It had NOTHING to do with WCM777 at all, or even MLM. It's all about drive and motivation.

What's worse, this very video had been used in 2011 to push the Club Asteria scam.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Ming Xu admits to being involved in multiple frauds in China and Olympic fraud, denies responsibility

Search engine brought up this blog, allegedly by Ming Xu, where he laments at getting involved with bad people in China, denies ANY responsibility of defrauding people in China and in the US. He also called people in China generally more morally corrupt than the people in the US.

It is in Chinese, so here's a short translation:

Regarding alleged scams in China

At the end of 2005, I got US green card, so I returned to China, and we signed up ChungSheng Realty, and helped their travel department's IPO. 
Also, through a friend's introduction, we studied Harbin's FuHua company. 
We signed contract in 2007 to be their financial advisor, to control its IPO. 
We invested in the IPO Shell company. This at the time is a financial innovation. 
At the time, all the Chinese companies need to spend money to buy shell. Our shell costs no cash. 
但是后来其董事长由于债务问题被抓出事, 其上市也不了了之。 
However, the CEO later got arrested for debt problems, so the IPO never happened. 
Our investment and time are also lost. 
Later many people who invested in Harbin FuHua company, and do not know the truth, blame us for unsuccessful IPO. 
但这不是我们能控制的,我们也没有从其集资中获益, 我们只是财务顾问, 我们也是壳的投资者。
This is beyond our control. We did not profit from this. We are financial advisor only. We invested in the shell too. 
从此事件后,我们对有民间集资背景的公司,很慎重介入, 防止被其利用去民间集资。
AFter this, we are very careful in joining any company that raises capital from the masses, to prevent raising money from the public. 
当时利用上市去民间集资,很风行。 但是大多数是没有退出机制的。
At the time IPO to raise money from investor is very popular, but vast majority has no way to back out. 
We wanted to solve this problem, but the problem was sudden, and we had no chance to solve this chance to back out, to our everlasting regret. 
We also signed DiJie from Shenyang, to be IPO consultant, and reorganized the company. 
Later our lawyer, investigated and found problems, so we backed out of the deal, and signed our withdrawal. Later its CEO also got into problems. 
My experience has taught me that we need to choose good working partners. 
若合作伙伴没有选好, 再好的商业设计也是前功尽弃。
We we did not choose the right partners, no matter how good the company is, it will be wasted. 
道不同不可以相为谋。 正如神说, 义与不义, 不能同负一轭。
(some Chinese adage, and a bible adage of similar talk)
第二,在中国,我们若不谨慎小心, 就很容易成为别人做的局里面的棋子, 被人利用。
Second, in China, if we're not careful, we can be a pawn in someone else's game, and be used. 

BREAKING NEWS: Siemens denies ANY involvement with WCM or any related company, Ming Xu lied

Besieged by questions, Siemens denies ANY involvement with WCM, despite Ming Xu's personal video claiming a relationship, and official claims on WCM website.

Here's WCM's news as presented on their website
On November 26 2012, WCM777 has entered into a collaboration agreement with Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group (hereinafter referred to as "Siemens"), Siemens will develop a series of personal cloud service products for members of WCM777, so that the members can learn more details of "cloud computing", understand the connotations, and experience the enormous benefits that cloud services products will bring...

And here's Ming Xu himself making that claim:

Where he stated "cooperation with Siemens is real and solid".

Screen shot of WCM777 website announcing the news:

And here's Siemen's official reply, via multiple channels

On their website:  /
Official statement regarding claims made by the World Capital Market company
A company called World Capital Market and its affiliated businesses are offering opportunities to invest in cloud-based storage solutions. The company claims to operate these solutions in cooperation with Siemens.
We hereby state that no form of cooperation exists between Siemens and the World Capital Market company and its affiliated businesses. Nor do we accept any claims made in any presentation or video by WCM and its affiliated websites. The website and affiliated sites do not represent an official offer from Siemens. The World Capital Market (WCM/WCM7/WCM777) company is not entitled to use the Siemens name or trademark.
For your further information, Siemens' IT business (which is mentioned in some statements and presentations) was sold in 2011 (the press release can be found here
In order to help other investors avoid making any investments based on false assumptions, we would urge you to pass on this information.
> Please use the following short URL as a link to this statement:
Siemens AG

BREAKING NEWS: WCM Ming Xu admits on Twitter that he faked his resume on LinkedIn

When questioned about his "doctorate", Ming Xu admits that he's NOT the founder of Joseph Global Institute, contrary to his claim on LinkedIn.
This is a screenshot in case the tweets gets deleted:

And the picture, of course, proving he lied on LinkedIn:

Note that he mentioned that Dr. Bruno was a reformed Mafia.

But wait, there's more!

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 CEO Zhi Liu Linked to Vantone Stock Scam in China

Sharp-eyed fellow Internet scambusters pointed me to clues that I discovered this article dated July 2012. That Ming Xu, and his buddy Liu Zhi was a part of the Vantone fraud in China. First, some background. 

Who is Tiger Zhi Liu? He said he's head of WCM777 

He's also US head of Vantone, according to his Linkedin Profile.

What you don't know is Vantone was a huge stock fraud out of China in 2012...

To give you a short summary... Vantone, or "万通" (pronounced WangTong) was a company in Shenyang China. Locally it enticed people to buy products at vastly inflated prices by giving away alleged "virgin stock" of the company, promising people who got these "virgin stock" that they will receive HUGE profits (fifty to one hundred times what they paid for) if they keep buying up more products... if the company is successful going public in the US of A. Company was later busted as a scam, selling a water purifier for 10 times the cost, making fraudulent promises, illegally offering stocks for sale, and more. 

And Zhi Liu is the head of Vantone USA, as shown above. 

Following is a line by line translation of

沈阳警方侦破非法经营股票案 7省市3200余人受骗

ShenYang Police Solved the case of Illegal Stock Investment
7 provinces affected, 3200+ people cheated

2012-07-25 11:09:32

  法制网记者 周斌
Reported by LegalDaily China reporter Bin Zhao
Even today, all of the suspects had probably been arrested, resident of Liaoning Shenyang Jing Wong still can't quite believe that she had been scammed. "If Public Security only have waited... Maybe Vantone would have issued their stock, and my 'virgin stock' would have made me lots of money." She told the Legal Daily reporter. 
In the past nine years, retired worker Jing Wong had invested about 150 thousand to 160 thousand Yuan (RMB) into buy ShenYang Vantone International Holdings stock and products. Furthermore, at LiaoNing, Beijing, TianJing, HeiLongJiang and 7 other provinces and cities, there are over 3200 victims like Jing Wang who was fooled by a chance to invest in "virgin stock" of Vantone. Losses could total 200 million yuan (RMB).  
At this year National Public Security campaign to smash economic crimes, as commanded by Public Security, operated commended on May 4th (2012) where Public Security of 7 jurisdictions raided and completely dismantled this Vantone illegal stock crime network. The head, 7 officers, and dozens of sellers were all arrested. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Old Chinese News From 2007 Revealed Ming Xu had been defrauding Americans back in 2007!

Following is my PARTIAL translation of the article at 
The article is about fraud involving Olympics in China, and "Ming Xu" is a part of it! I'll just translate the section that had to do with this, but you're welcome to read either. 

After “Beijing All people welcome Olympic Activity Organization” illegal fundraiser was stopped in ChingHuanDao, and quietly left the BeiDaiHo region, hilarity continued, as this group managed to reappear in the US.
  据中国日报(Chinese Daily)发自洛杉矶的报道,5月17日,北京全民迎奥运组委会美国分会暨百万华侨迎奥运筹委会的发言人徐明表示,将开展公益活动支持北京奥运。
According to Chinese Daily out of Los Angeles, US, May 17th (2007?) Bejing All People Welcome Olympic Committee US branch and Million Overseas Chinese Committee spokesman Ming Xu said he will start fundraising activity to support Beijing Olympics.
According to report, Ming Xu started this Chinese Olympic Fundraising Committee had raised at least several hundred thousand USD donations, including one KangRei 康瑞 (NOTE:, no longer active)  provided 500000 cash or equivalent merchandise, and 1% annual profit pledge from International AiFuRen 国际爱福仁 (  Credit Card company 
According to reporter’s investigation, Ming Xu is CEO of “US WangTong Investment Bank” ( registered in California. Reporter came to the office in China, and found WangTong Website’s “top representative in China” Ang Zhao. Zhao however, replied “Top rep? Just a friend. I’m not employed by him. He asked me and asked me, and I acquiesced, and put his company name out.” Zhao is a manager at China Galaxy Investments.
Zhao said, US branch of that org was started by Chinese Americans. It had nothing to do with the organization in Beijing.
However, later Zhao changed his story. Apparently in spring Ming Xu got some sort of a delegation letter from Beijing authorizing him to start US Branch, so it can spread back to China later. Zhao said, “At the time, I told him if he wish to land in China, he really need to get permission from the Beijing Olympic Committee. Later he stopped his activities.”
However, MingGuang Yang (of Beijing committee) told reporter, that he knew NOTHING about this US branch. Yang said this American Chinese Ming Xu is an imposter using the Beijing All People Welcome Olympic organization name "to steal funds overseas".

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 is a Ponzi Scheme, says BBB

Sharp-eyed reader Frontier from BehindMLM pointed out that Los Angeles BBB classified WCM777, along with several other business under "Ponzi scheme" as its business category.

Personally, I don't know what to make of this. I have never seen this category before on any BBB website, but then I haven't been looking for them either.

See for yourself:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Colombian President Calls for Investigation into WCM777 possible Ponzi scheme

Somehow just alerted me to this Tweet:
If you need a translation:
WCM777 pyramid reported by News One should be investigated by police. Please proceed, General Palomino -- signed Juan Manual Santos
This is no less than President of Colombia, calling for the national police chief Rodolfo Palomino to investigate WCM777 pyramid scheme.

Wow, what happened here? Searching for News One (Noticias Uno) revealed a different Tweet
or translated:
International pyramid presents its business in Colombia #WCM777 -- signed NewsOne
The Link goes to

Apparently this scheme has indeed reached Colombia.

Evil MLM: Spend Your Own Time on MLM, not your "day job" Time!

Sometimes, people in MLM just let things get to their head, and they forgot all about ethics, morality, conflict of interest, and so on. It's clear that if you have a side job, you should never spend any time or resources of your "day job" on it. Yet that's exactly one one Fort Collins school administrator was caught doing... using his school PC, his school email, during school hours, for his Organo Gold MLM distributorship. He even wrote a "business plan" where he plans to promote the stuff to the teachers (the people he's in charge of) and more. The local teacher's union is appalled and wants the guy fired. School District is keeping mum about it.

Chuck DeWayne is an executive direction of HR for the Poudre School District, in Fort Collins, CO. He's in charge of over 4000 full and part-time PSD employees. And he's making $141820 a year. However, that's apparently not enough, and he planned to use the power at his disposal to add to that income by pushing Organo Gold, according to local 7NEWS.

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