Sunday, January 3, 2016

What should you look forward to MLM and Direct Selling in 2016?

It is now 2016, and as usual, positive thinkers are already out hating my blog posts already.

First reader comment of 2016 starts with:
You loser ...obviously couldn't make it in any MLM's - most likely your attitude and shallow thinking.
Hahahahaha.  This is the sort of typical potty mouth positive thinker type comment, though in this instance he was reacting to my comparison of "MLM Cult vs. ISIS".

The fact that he somehow thinks that "MLM Cult" refers to his chosen profession is rather amusing, isn't it?

But really, let's throw around some REAL numbers, compiled by Direct Selling Association ( and the World Federation of DSA (sort of global DSA), the industry lobby group.  It's too early for 2015 numbers, but here's the 2014 factsheet, as published by DSA (US).

DSA factsheet 2014,

The key figures... 34.47 billion USD in 2014 US Retail Sales... by 18.2 million people "involved".

That's less than $1900 sold per "involved" person PER YEAR. ($1894 if you want to be exact)

And since people are joining faster than actual retail growth sales (8.3% vs. 5.5%), average retail per person per year is GOING DOWN. This is despite the PR spin, i.e. "more individuals generated more revenue in 2014 than any year previously".

And remember, that's retail sales, NOT PROFIT.  Actual profit will be FAR LESS. Even if you estimate a margin of 20% AFTER expenses, that is $379 per year.