Saturday, March 1, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: TelexFree cancels recruitment seminar on Jersey

According to Detective-Sargeant Andrew Smith of Police of Jersey, when TelexFree reps learned that the local police is already aware of them, a recruitment seminar scheduled was abruptly cancelled, as reported by Globo:
"When they learned that we knew, they canceled the meeting," says Andrew Smith, Detective Sergeant of Police of Jersey, the iG . "We know that this is a fraud, a scam."
According to Smith, representatives of Telexfree from abroad were expected for the event. The police declined to disclose the names, and denied that they were Carlos Costa, Carlos Wanzeler, James Merrill and Steve Labriola, business leaders who participated in a company cruise in Brazil in December 2013.

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BREAKING NEWS: FTC responds to Senator Markey's Letter... with nothing

FTC just made public their response to Senator Markey's letter regarding Herbalife and its investigation.

They took 3 pages to get to the point, which can be roughly summarized as

"We're looking into it, and we can't answer your questions without giving ourselves away. Stay tuned."

Here's Kevin "The MLM Attorney" Thompson of Thompson-Burton discussing the response.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: TelexFree Fraud Warning in Europe

TelexFree, a suspect Ponzi in Brazil, has apparently trying to make inroads in other parts of the world, which resulted in a warning from at least two European police units, specifically, from Jersey and Guernsey. 

For those who's not familiar with geography, Jersey is a part of "channel islands" between Great Britain and France. Guernsey is another such island. Jersey is nominally its own nation, though a British Crown Dependency, and its law enforcement is basically British.  It has a heavy Madeiran population (Wikipedia states 14% of the population are of Portuguese descent).

Madeira is another island off coast of Europe, specifically Portugal, and thus speaks Portuguese, same as Brazil.

The warning reads:

The States of Jersey Police have been made aware of a potential fraud which is targeting Jersey’s Madeiran community.
Guernsey Police have issued a similar appeal.
The scheme is under a company name of TELEXFREE and would require initial investments with the promise of big returns.
The scheme originated from Brazil and is currently being investigated by the Brazilian authorities as it is believed to be fraudulent.
Jersey Police know that islanders have been approached to “invest” in the scheme, but as yet have not had any contact from victims of the scam.
If anyone in Jersey has invested money into a TELEXFREE scheme they should contact the Joint Financial Crimes Unit on Tel: 01534 612250 (during office hours) or Police headquarters on 01534 612612 (at other times).

It is only a matter of time before the police units in other European countries issue their own official warnings.

(Thanks for BehindMLM for the initial report)
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BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 / KINGDOM777 switched names again, now Global Unity or QianXi, depending on who you ask

Various reports in Spanish from WCM777 adherents reported that WCM777, which had earlier renamed itself Kingdom 777 after it was outlawed on multiple continents, has renamed itself yet again to "Global Unity".

Again, there's a plethora of names. Some other names associated with Global Unity is "QianXi",  the Chinese name 千禧)Millenium City, and the Chinese name 千禧城.

There are some rumors that Ming Xu may have purchased an empty lot in SoCal and is giving "virtual shares" of that "opportunity" to participants of Global Unity, as relayed by various Spanish-speakers.

However, new of Ming Xu's law violations have made it to the Latino population. Telemundo 39 in DFW area of Texas (that's Dallas - Ft. Worth) has a special video report.

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BREAKING NEWS: World Ventures *is* a Pyramid Scheme, according to Norwegian authorities

Norwegian authorities, after an investigation, concluded that World Ventures is a pyramid scheme.

See BehindMLM report for full details.

P.S. I've tangled with some "true believers" of World Ventures before. One of them even cloned this blog except to write stuff claiming I'm a fraud and a crook. I hope they got their heads straight now.
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