Saturday, March 7, 2015

MLM Basics: The Truth Behind "MLM Confidence"... When Being Confident Is Actually Stupid, not Smart

It seems that MLM / NM placed a LOT of emphasis on "confidence". If you search for "mlm confidence" you will get 441000 results (as of post date)

But what does this really mean? The first link, from which I quote:
If you lack confidence it doesn't matter how much studying you do you won't be able to grow your business... The key to creating rock solid confidence is to develop your beliefs. 
So what are the "beliefs" that this author advocates?
  • Trust MLM industry (by reading Robert "Rich Dad" Kiyosaki)
  • Trust Your Company (by looking for the upside)
  • Trust Your Products (by consuming them yourself)
  • Trust Yourself (by telling yourself "I am the best")
While I'm reasonably certain the author meant well, and these tips may have helped him, none of the nuances in his advice were discussed. And there are indeed a LOT of info that the author had not presented about how to develop this positivity.

Basically, all this confidence build tips means throwing "due diligence" out the window.

And that's very stupid.

Let's find out why.