Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Coverup in Ghana? Bank employees claimed they've been duped to provide TelexFree loans then fired to cover up management incompetence

Nine workers of "Opportunity Savings and Loans" in Ghana are threatening to sue the S&L for wrongful dismissal. The S&L apparently started providing loans to people for purchasing TelexFree positions in December 2013. Within months, the complainers claimed, questions started to arise as rules, such as residency check, were not followed, but apparently team leaders took responsibility. Then loans were issued without issuer's knowledge (i.e. wrongly attributed loans) and never corrected. In the end, the bank lost 1.2 million GHS (roughly 362000 USD) and fired the nine workers.

Now the nine workers are alleging that they were following orders, the branch leaders knew exactly what happened, all correspondences were copied and concerns brought up and dismissed by the said leaders, who were apparently not fired. Now the company president has fired the nine instead to cover up mismanagement.

The bank president dismissed the charges and said the case had been referred to the Police and he fired the employees who broke the rules, and he has no further comment.

See SpyGhana article.   http://www.spyghana.com/opportunity-savings-loans-sacks-9-workers/