Thursday, April 16, 2015

When the Lies Don't Even Make Sense: "Bluechip Business Bonds" HYIP

Another HYIP (read: small online Ponzi scheme) that hit the scenes recently is "Bluechip Business Bonds", which obviously has nothing to do with business or bonds. Instead, it's promising up to 4% DAILY interest. Yes, daily. It can't be real, obviously.

But when it writes fiction... well...

Let's take an example, under people: it showed a "Peter Boskin", who allegedly received a MBA from Bowdoin College.

First of all, that is a photo of Pyotr Volkov, head of Department of Stock Exchange Operations of Gazprom, the Russian energy company. The faker trimmed the photo and mirrored it to throw off the image search. Here's the original photo for comparison.

Furthermore, Bowdoin College doesn't offer MBA program. It's a liberal arts college.

And why does it say "Reed served in the Peace Corps"? Who's Reed? That turns out to be "Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix. Here's Crunchbase data on Mr. Hastings:

Exact same wording, except the perp added a "M" in front of BA to embellish it. Tsk tsk tsk. Naughty, naughty, naughty.

Ah, wait, there's more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More on "SVM Global" possible scam warning signs, and how people "whitewash" their reputation with fancy titles

Previously we've covered a potential scam called "SVM Global" where the operator, "Sheila V. Tabarsi" claimed to be able to turn 100K into 1M in 90 days, with minimum buy-in at $990, and may be targeting veterans, the poor, and so on.

But who is "Sheila V. Tabarsi"? That answer turned out to be much more difficult to answer, as it turned out she may have used at least 8 different names, includes:

  • Sheila V. Tabarsi (current)
  • Sheila V'Eleos Tabarsi (variant)
  • Sheila Tabarsi (variant)
  • Sheila Hibbitts (former)
  • Sheila A. Hibbitts (former)
  • Sheila V'Eleos (ordained name)
  • Sheila V (psychic)
  • Sheila Tucker (mom's maiden name? married name?)
Sheila apparently served in the US Air Force before and part of SVM Global's hook was "we will turn closed US Air Force Bases into economic zones (and end poverty)". How interesting that she's moving from New York to Costa Rica to do so, hmmm?

from Sheila V. Tabarsi's Google Plus profile

But how did she get so many names? She currently calls herself:

Sheila V'Eleos Tabarsi is a 4th Generation Native Cherokee / African American Spiritual Life Coach, Universal Life Church Minister, Business and medical Intuitive, with 17 active years of practice performing Clair-emphatic healing and various forms of intuitive readings....
excerpted from

But what is "intuitive healing"? Or Clair-emphatic? Turns out, that's a fancy term for "psychic", yes, crystal ball and tarot cards and all that. This kind:

Psychic sign: Psychic, Tarot Cards, Crystal Readers, Reader, Advisor
"Clair-empathic" is attempting to appropriate the "clair" in clairvoyance to mean telempathy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is a Scam Targeting Veterans "to end poverty" citing a FAKE JAG lawyer?

A potential scam called SVM Global is soliciting participants that promises "100K to 1M in 90 days"
SVM Global promises 100K to 1 Million in 90 days, WTF?!
So what the heck is this thing? It's ran by a "Sheila V. Tabarsi". SVM, of course.

This is from her Pinterest Profile:

Sheila Tabarsi, via Pinterest profile

And this is from her Google+ profile:

Sheila Tabarsi, via Google+ profile
Let us be absolutely clear... There are NO LEGITIMATE PROGRAMS that can turn 100K into 1M in a year, much less 90 days. This can't be legal, period. Money doesn't grow on trees, or multiply like bread and fish in the hands of Jesus.

BehindMLM came to the same conclusion: it is a ponzi scheme. And apparently grandmas are pawning jewelry, and single parent with 3 kids and trouble making rent are still fronting up $900 to join. WTF?!?!

But that's not the really WTF part... that would be that she may be referring to a FAKE lawyer.