Friday, December 5, 2014

WSJ: T. LeMont Silver Blames Everyone But Himself for Being Sued as "Net Winner" in Zeek

Wall Street Journal article, published 2014-DEC-03 specifically named T. LeMont Silver, a Zeek "net winner" (i.e. he got more than he put in while others lost money), and serial Ponzi participant, as someone who admits he's an idiot, yet blames everybody except himself.

In the WSJ article SEC on Lookout for Web-Based Pyramid Schemes by Jean Eaglesham, it specifically named GoFunPlaces (and its parent eAdGear) as a scam shut down by the SEC.

At the end, Mr. T. LeMont Silver Sr. was mentioned by name, where the author wrote:

"Mr. Silver said he is a marketer with little knowledge of the business operations of the companies he promotes"

Yet he wants you to join him in making money.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Indian police arrested "YOBSN" heads (3 Indians, 1 non-Indian) for International Pyramid Scheme

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The scam that was referred to "International MLM Fraud" is YOBSN, aka "Smart Media Technologies" (but also known as Social Media Technologies, Automatic Geek, and so on.)

Quoting from the BangalaruCityPolice's Facebook account:
On Dec. 3, “acting on a complaint received at the office of DCP Crime, CCB F&M squad raided Room No 225 of Hotel Capital, Raj Bhavan Road, where 4 accused persons were explaining, advertising & collecting enrollment fee from new victims of YOBSN SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK MLM fraud web based company ( hosted from US ) and run through a website . . .
New members are lured with promise of big money in USD $s by pushing the ‘CREATING YOUR OWN SOCIAL NETWORK’ tagline and encouraging members to bring in more members & growing their pyramid on the LEFT & RIGHT side.
They advertise by saying that when a company like Facebook etc is making billions of $s from social network, why can’t you make money.
This company runs a Web site called Smart Media Technologies. Any person can become a member by paying 8000 to 25000 INR as per their capacity. Then the person has to introduce Two persons (Left & Right member) to invest for which he would get 25% BONUS each as commission. As the pyramid grows, he would get more bonus. Each member is given a username/password and the commission earned & number of members introduced is meticulously accounted in the login itself. In fact, each user can see his pyramid and the amount of commission earned by it.