Saturday, September 14, 2013

Are the Herbalife Diet Clubs Legal? (Hint: Probably not!)

Let's get to the point: Herbalife's best selling point: the diet club, is probably illegal in most instances, because they are not licensed or permitted to prepare food. In fact, I doubt most even have a license to retail food. 

Previously we've discussed Herbalife many times, and some of the stuff is how people who support Herbalife believe that most of its value is from the "diet clubs" that its distributors are running. I've discussed the problems with that particular view, though recently I realized I made a bad assumption. Peterson apparently introduced Herbalife to Mexico back in late 1980's, but nobody started doing "diet clubs" in Mexico until 2003, and it backfilled into the US in 2006. (I had assumed he introduced stuff to Mexico much later.)

However, here's a more interesting question... Are the diet clubs even LEGAL?

Now you're probably going, huh? How can a diet club be illegal?

By being an illegal food preparer and retailer without the proper permits.

TelexFree UK Office is a lie, and here's proof (UPDATE: "New" address is also a lie)

Previously I've explained why TelexFree has no US office. Both addresses are just a mailbox. Recently TelexFree suddenly started showing a UK office:

And it quickly mushroomed into various Facebook groups, unofficial announcements that "TelexFree opportunity has reached UK", and so on and so forth.

No one seem to have even bothered to check the actual address itself:

15 Bromet Close, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 4LP UK

What if you Google that address? You will find that it's home to many different businesses. This is just on the first page:

They can't all have the EXACT SAME ADDRESS, can they? 

Is TelexFree Playing Payment Roulette Just Like ZeekRewards's Dying Days?

Those who kept track of Zeek knew that during its final few months, it was playing "payment roulette", as it shuffled its payments all over the world, switching credit card processors like Lady Gaga changing outfits at a concert. It also had a bit of problem shifting funds among multiple eWallet providers. And the credit card processors are often on the other side of the globe (Cyprus, Greece, Korea, etc.) , which triggered many credit card fraud alerts, which then caused even more panic among its members.

Now apparently, TelexFree is doing the same, as "brand name" processors are dumping TelexFree.