Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Idiots Who Don't Check the Information They Pass On: UFUN Edition

UFUN is a multi-national alleged ponzi scheme that has ties in Thailand, Malaysia, China, and other countries. In the past three weeks Royal Thai Police have swept up a lot of the heads of the company, but the company's real headquarters is in Malaysia, and at least three of the heads escape through Malaysia. One's remaining in the limelight, supposedly celebrating some signing documents with some developement project, while the other other two have fled Malaysia as well. A retired Thai General that's involved has escaped to the US.

Its primary American cheerleader appears to be a guy by the name of Rodney Burton, who gave himself the title "Global Ambassador", and recently posted something like this on Facebook:

The problem is the link was in Thai, and he clearly does not read Thai, as a different link describing the same announcement reads VERY VERY differently. As you can see, same three guys, just a very different angle. Follow me so far? Here's the link:

And a quote from the article:
Suwira quoted prosecutors as saying that the UFUN case would be regarded as a transnational crime if police were able to present to the OAG clear evidence that the company had been involved in similar criminal offences outside the country as well.  
If the attorney-general deems it a transnational crime, the punishment will be harsher than under normal law. The attorney-general will be the person setting the interrogation method and there will be more complicated steps in the probe, he explained. 
For now, police will gather more documents and interview those claiming damages to confirm whether there were criminal offences outside Thailand, Suwira said, urging affected persons to file complaints with police during the May 1-5 holiday period.
So basically, this Mr. "GlobalAmbassador" Burton got it completely wrong. There is plenty of evidence of UFUN's guilt in Thailand. There's not quite enough evidence of victims OUTSIDE Thailand for Thai Office of Attorney General (OAG) to elevate the case to "Transnational Crime" and invoke ASEAN and Interpol international assistance to end this scheme once and for all.


Which proves that if you don't read or understand Thai, you should not pretend to understand what the video actually said. Liar, liar, hair on fire...

Right now there's no mention of how will Thai Police gather victim reports from outside of Thailand.

I personally would suggest that if you are a victim of UFUN outside of Thailand, and have a local Thai Embassy, you should write up your report and ask your local Thai Embassy to turn it over to Thai Police. I can't think of any other way at the moment. If there is an address or such where you can send such reports published, I will update the method here. 

Fiverr is the Goto Place for Shill Testimonials

Fiverr is a site where people put themselves out to do small jobs for $5.00 USD (thus the name) and recently, a LOT of scams needing "testimonials" from people decided to employ amateurs off Fiverr in hopes that people won't recognize them as shills.

Too bad, here's MyFlexJob getting caught using Fiverr folks for "realistic" testimonials.

Here's a "Mr. Alexander Herring" (Does he go by "Red"?) claiming to have realistic testimonials:

It's realistic, but not real, since she'll do it for anybody for $5!

But wait, there's more!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

OLD NEWS: World Ventures busted in China, Taiwan, and Malaysia back in 2014

According to Chinese news (Hunan TV) World Ventures, i.e. "WV", was investigated by Changsa Public Security back in October 2014. Other sources indicate that World Ventures was also met with legal challenges in Taiwan, and Malaysia, where it was accused of operating illegally.

Ministry of Labor and Commerce Enforcement Agents along with Public Security raided a facility that had a huge sign with the WV Logo and slogan outside, and asked the two present, a male and female, to show the business registration papers for WV. The two refused, claiming they had nothing to do with WV, but is instead a university career training workshop, and thus is not licensed and not for profit.

When confronted with the sign outside, the male "supervisor" deny any and all knowledge about the banner, claimed they had nothing to do with the banner. During the search, a business card was discovered with the supervisor's name on it, and even had the WV logo, but the man still refused to admit he runs a local WV branch, but instead tried to explain "I merely suggested some trip ideas to my friends and relatives."  PS personnel then found the documents saved on the company computer and printed them out, which contains WV promotional material and comp plan. When confronted, the man continue to deny, claiming it was left by visitors. He was then confronted that his own printer printed those off his own computer. Then he had nothing else to say.

Labor and Commerce enforcement bureau spokesperson explained that WV is suspected of illegal pyramid selling, but most of the websites used to promote such are located outside of China, and thus making investigation and enforcement difficult.