Saturday, December 14, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 and TelexFree now ILLEGAL in Peru

The Superintendency of Banking and Investments of Peru has issued its ruling... Neither WCM777 nor TelexFree are allowed to receive public funds in Peru.  (link in Spanish)

The article urges anyone who have remitted money to either entities operating illegally in Peru to contact the authorities immediately. Both phone numbers and email address have been provided and is at the link.

EDIT: Secondary link found

BREAKING NEWS: Possible Confirmation of US DOJ Investigation into Payza / Obopay

According to, one of their sharp-eyed readers tipped them off as the the following developement:

Which reads:
If you have questions or concerns about your Obopay or Payza account, please call 202-252-1903 and leave your name and contact information.  Someone will return your call within 3 business days.

Scam Absurdities: A Top "Net Winner" of Zeek Ponzi whines on Facebook about persecution... I mean prosecution

Previously we've reported on how the ZeekRewards Receiver Ken Bell has filed civil motion against the top "net winners" of the 700 million Ponzi scheme shut down in 2012, and among the top winner list is Dave and Mary Kettner.

Usually, the best way to deal with this sort of publicity is to simply clam up: "no comment", as anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of public opinion. Unfortunately, (or perhaps, fortunately for the people who study scammers and their psychology, such as the MLM Skeptic here)  some people just can't keep their mouth shut. And in this, Mary Kettner is believed to have posted certain "whine-y" comments on Facebook, which was forwarded to Oz over at BehindMLM

Well I am listed as a net winner. What a laugh… its not because of the amount but because i stuck out my neck to defend what we were doing as a business and got a big old target on my back… 
I didn’t even earn half a million in the year and a half that we were doing the penny auction business..and because it was a business I was running I paid my taxes…which was just over 50 % of what my company earned. 
We paid state, federal, and employee type taxes… Add in expenses, cost of business, travel and training of my team…and there is very little left…and alot of that went to lawyers when Zeek went down….
What a laugh? I fail to see the humor in facing a lawsuit for about one million dollars. Why one million? She claimed did not even earn half a million... AFTER taxes. That suggests her take from Zeek is 1 million dollars over about 18 months (by her claim).

And she whines about having no money... hahahahaha.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Top "Net Winners" of Zeek Rewards Has Been Made Public!

ZeekRewards is back in the news, with pending auction of their building in North Carolina, and now, the receiver has gone ahead and made the list of the worst "net winners". They are:
  • Todd Disner (as himself and as trustee of Kestrel Spendthrift Trust)
  • Trudy Gilmond and Trudy Gilmond LLC
  • Jerry Napier
  • Darren Miller 
  • Rhonda Gates 
  • David Sorrels 
  • Innovation Marketing LLC 
  • Aaron Andrews, Shara Andrews 
  • Global Internet Formula Inc. 
  • T LeMont Silver, Karen Silver 
  • Michael Van Leeuwen 
  • Durant Brockett 
  • David Kettner and Mary Kettner.
These folks have yet to cough up their ill-gotten "profits" by paying back the receiver, and are top of the list of "net winners". Basically, if you profited by $1000 or more, expect to see a clawback lawsuit.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Robert T. Kiyosaki's Sins, According to Robert T. Kiyosaki

Recently I ran into this rather amusing vidcap of a Kiyosaki video:

Yes, that's Robert T. Kiyosaki giving his "haters" a piece of his mind.

Well, according to Kiyosaki's own words, Kiyosaki's a sinner!

How so, you ask?

Ah, that's a story to tell. There's betrayal, there's vindication, there's a second betrayal, and lies to "spin doctor" the treachery into triumph.

So have a seat, and let us discover a chapter of "Rich Dad" that Kiyosaki would rather you not mention.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MLM Absurdities: What is Herbalife Doing in Cambodia?

Back in November 2013, Herbalife announced it is entering Cambodia with its flagship products: nutritional shake, personalized protein powder, and herbal tea concentrate, having previously entered Vietnam.

The question here is... what is Herbalife doing there? Is there a need for Herbalife products in Cambodia (or Vietnam)?

According to Herbalife, Formula 1, personalized protein powder, and herbal tea concentrate are all a part of its weight management product line.

Does Cambodia and Vietnam have a population overweight problem? No. In fact, they have an UNDERweight problem.

Just what *are* your odds in Herbalife? (With bonus Kiyosaki debunking)

Apparently some Herbalife distributors were spreading this on Facebook

(following picture courtesy of SaltyDroid)

Notice the graph says "Rich Kid Smart Kid?" We'll get back to that.

Let's assume that the odds are accurate... for the Herbalife portion... But there's something SERIOUSLY not mentioned in the odds... That the odds are NOT evenly distributed, like you'd been lead to assume.

That's right... Some people have far better odds in Herbalife than the average distributor.

The relatives of those already in "President's Club" have much better odds. It's an insider's game, not "equal opportunity" like you'd been lead to believe.