Saturday, December 14, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Possible Confirmation of US DOJ Investigation into Payza / Obopay

According to, one of their sharp-eyed readers tipped them off as the the following developement:

Which reads:
If you have questions or concerns about your Obopay or Payza account, please call 202-252-1903 and leave your name and contact information.  Someone will return your call within 3 business days.

PPBlog ( has since able to confirm the pending investigation through a spokesperson at the US Attorney's Office, who, of course, has nothing else to say.

Roughly two weeks ago MLM Skeptic reported that Obopay, Payza's exchange partner in the US, is no longer honoring withdrawal requests from Payza, as reported by Payza, and Payza may initiate legal proceedings against Obopay, then came the announcement on Obopay's website that Payza's funds were frozen, then seized by Department of Homeland Security.

Roughly 5 days ago Payza formally announced that it will no longer do business with any US members. (see related articles below)

US is definitely taking a stand against the "dark web", where money moves virtually anonymous. With shutdown of Liberty Reserve and Silk Road earlier, those who deal with the dark underbelly of the web should be careful where they tread.
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