Saturday, December 14, 2013

Scam Absurdities: A Top "Net Winner" of Zeek Ponzi whines on Facebook about persecution... I mean prosecution

Previously we've reported on how the ZeekRewards Receiver Ken Bell has filed civil motion against the top "net winners" of the 700 million Ponzi scheme shut down in 2012, and among the top winner list is Dave and Mary Kettner.

Usually, the best way to deal with this sort of publicity is to simply clam up: "no comment", as anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of public opinion. Unfortunately, (or perhaps, fortunately for the people who study scammers and their psychology, such as the MLM Skeptic here)  some people just can't keep their mouth shut. And in this, Mary Kettner is believed to have posted certain "whine-y" comments on Facebook, which was forwarded to Oz over at BehindMLM

Well I am listed as a net winner. What a laugh… its not because of the amount but because i stuck out my neck to defend what we were doing as a business and got a big old target on my back… 
I didn’t even earn half a million in the year and a half that we were doing the penny auction business..and because it was a business I was running I paid my taxes…which was just over 50 % of what my company earned. 
We paid state, federal, and employee type taxes… Add in expenses, cost of business, travel and training of my team…and there is very little left…and alot of that went to lawyers when Zeek went down….
What a laugh? I fail to see the humor in facing a lawsuit for about one million dollars. Why one million? She claimed did not even earn half a million... AFTER taxes. That suggests her take from Zeek is 1 million dollars over about 18 months (by her claim).

And she whines about having no money... hahahahaha.

Let's not forget that it was her husband, Dave Kettner, along with Robert Craddock, that was spreading all the nasty rumors trying to divert blame from Zeek Ponzi itself. Turns out NONE of the rumors they spread, such as "Zeek will rise again", "SEC has no case", "Paul Burks was railroaded" etc etc. were true. It's all crap.

Lawyer (Photo credits:
Craddock was the one she should be blaming for pinning false hopes on

And her husband deserves much of the blame, by recruiting her, and falsely identifying a Ponzi as "[legitimate] business", and spending thousands on lawyers that did nothing.

But due to narcissistic personality, it can't possibly be their fault. It had to be the receiver. It had to be the ev'l guv'mint  (evil government) out to destroy their "honest" business.

Welcome to reality. Enjoy the treadmarks on your back after it went past.

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