Thursday, December 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Top "Net Winners" of Zeek Rewards Has Been Made Public!

ZeekRewards is back in the news, with pending auction of their building in North Carolina, and now, the receiver has gone ahead and made the list of the worst "net winners". They are:
  • Todd Disner (as himself and as trustee of Kestrel Spendthrift Trust)
  • Trudy Gilmond and Trudy Gilmond LLC
  • Jerry Napier
  • Darren Miller 
  • Rhonda Gates 
  • David Sorrels 
  • Innovation Marketing LLC 
  • Aaron Andrews, Shara Andrews 
  • Global Internet Formula Inc. 
  • T LeMont Silver, Karen Silver 
  • Michael Van Leeuwen 
  • Durant Brockett 
  • David Kettner and Mary Kettner.
These folks have yet to cough up their ill-gotten "profits" by paying back the receiver, and are top of the list of "net winners". Basically, if you profited by $1000 or more, expect to see a clawback lawsuit.

Disner was a well known Ponzi player that had been active in Ad Surf Daily and seem to enjoy filing frivolous lawsuits against the government for popping the scams he was involved in.

Aaron and Shara are also well known players in the shady circle of Ponzi pimps pushing this scheme and that. They are usually mentioned together so just search for them.

T LeMont Silver is said to have left for Dominican Republic, vowing to defy US justice.

Gilmond (along with Kellie King) had previously hired an ex-Madoff lawyer to sue to dissolve the receivership and had been tossed out of court.  (corrected from original)

The insiders are getting a separate lawsuit... mostly employees of RVG, including Paul Burks, Dawn, Alex, Darryl, and a few more.

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  1. How is it that Van leeuwen is not in prison. He is easy to find, his parents live in Salem Utah and he is active on Facebook promoting his latest scam. Should be easy to find him, even though according to his Facebook page he has been out of the country for the last few weeks, probably trying to avoid prosecution. If I was a Zeek Rewards victim, believe me I could find him and 'convince' him to give me a full refund..

  2. Aaron and Shara Andrews are now involved in a Binary Options trading group known as Options Domination. They have been made admins of the OD private Facebook group. Be warned!