Sunday, November 17, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 now ILLEGAL in Colombia, promoters may face arrest

Noticieas Uno (News One) of Colombia has reported (first spotted by Oz at BehindMLM) that the Superintendency of Companies in Colombia, has outlawed WCM777 as a pyramid scheme. Promoters face arrest, and two top promoters in Colombia have been identified by name. Webpages and internet activities promoting WCM777 are being taken down with assistance of Internet ISPs.  Assets are being frozen to prevent the money leaving the country. News One have also noticed the Massachusetts shutdown order.

Here's the video report in Spanish.

And original link:

When full text becomes available it will be translated and linked. For now, enjoy with Google auto-translate.


  1. Hi there, thanks again for all your time and effort to find out so much info regarding WCM777 and it's founders. I just told some of the moms whom have invested their money into this company recent and I found out there were a lot more people have put a lot more money into this company than I thought (most of them invested $6,000 instead of $2,000 as they were told they get paid a lot more that way. One told me that she started her investment since March 2013 so she has received about 80% of her
    $6,000 investment back already except the money is sitting in the account and she can not take them out yet as she can't get access into her account because the company's website is having some "technical problem".
    Anyways, they were asking what could they do to get their money back? I said maybe report to the government or the media to let them do the investigation and get involved but they don't want to do that as they don't want their husbands or relatives to find out because they said they have been using their own money to invested and their husbands/families don't know anything about it and they don't want them to know about it!!! One of them told me I must not told her husband whom i see once awhile during our kids' playdates. Anyways, do you know what is the best way to help them get their money back without their names and faces being expose to the public? But I really wonder if WCM777 would ever refund their investment as the company is not registered in Canada? But what I like to see is at least the top promoter could get arrested or fined for promoting this kind of investment. Do you have any suggestion what can I do to help these "poor" moms? Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately the RCMP is a bit slow in their investigations when it comes to fraud, and often, only when the media got involved. The "Pigeon King International" ponzi scheme comes to mind. Local Ontario magazine raised alarm in December 2007, 6 months later he declared bankruptcy, but RCMP did not start investigation until 2009 Jan (and only because CBC did an investigation special 3 months before that), and only Jan 2010 did they conclude it's a Ponzi scheme.

      I really have no useful recommendation other than complain to Hong Kong police and have THEM investigate WCM in Hong Kong as pyramid selling 層壓式推銷 and hope the news don't spread that fast to Western media. So far Interush Hong Kong's closure by HKPD as pyramid selling has not reached western media.