Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Hilarious Woo Endorsements: Having a Chiropractor as your "Chief Science Officer"

Folks, I have no problem with you buying woo, as long as you UNDERSTAND it's woo, that any claims to benefit are merely CLAIMs, for worse, UNPROVEN claims. 

However, the marketers of woo should at least pick REPUTABLE and SCIENTIFIC people to be their advisors, to look legitimate. 

Previously, MLM Skeptic have pointed out some other woo products (a patch that claims to affect accupressure points through 'wireless communication', sea 'scum' dried and packed into pills as ULTIMATE nutrition, and a product that's based on assuming that the seller's hypothetical position paper about stem cells is true) MLM Skeptic now must add another item to the list of woo: a Chiropractor selling brain supplements as co-founder and "chief science officer". 

First, before the "haterz" (a term I borrow from my, well.. haterz)  jump all over me, I have nothing against chiropractors... other than they shouldn't pretend to know stuff they know nothing about... same as anyone else. There are special chiropractors, such as Ted Carrick, who may have invented something called Chiropractic Neurology. On the other hand, there are also chiropractors who want to be family M.D. can't get the degree, but want the job any way. 

So what's wrong with this guy? Let's start with the premise: brain supplement. I.e. nutritional supplement that helps your brain, with 14 important ingredients! What are they? They ain't telling. 

The company is called Brain Abundance, where they claimed the following:
In fact, thanks to our Co-founder Dr. Pejman Behrouzi, along with our team of top experts in the fields of neuroscience, nutrition, medical science, and product formulation Brain Fuel PLUS is the most complete supplement for your brain ever created!
On a different page Dr. Pejman Behrouzi is listed as "chief science officer" along with head of the company. 

Notice the word "neuromusculoskeletal"? That's codeword for "chiropractor". 

In fact, if you Google for his name, which is VERY unique and thus impossible to mess up, you'll see the SAME portrait:

I am finding NO published papers, NO specialty (other than chiropractic), and no media coverage of him doing ANYTHING more than just a "regular chiropractor" at his "Family Wellness Clinic" in Encinitas, CA

I've checked normal curriculum of doctor of chiropractics and frankly, if neurology is covered at all, it's as an introductory course of basic medical science, much like "human skeletal system 101". I am NOT finding ANY evidence of Dr. Behrouzi having received additional training in neurology and nutrition, or have conducted experiments, studies, or published any papers in those areas (checking PubMed revealed 18 papers by Behrouzhi, but none of them are Behrouzhi P, like our guy here.)

Thus, I find the claim in the corporate profile that Behrouzi to be "one of the most well respected authorities on the importance of brain health" to be, well... bull****. 

Maybe I can claim to be "one of the most well respected authorities on the important issue of scam busting", eh? 

Kinda makes you wonder what sort of pill this "Brain Fuel PLUS" really is... Or who would write this sort of **** and expect people to believe it. 

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  1. Brain Fuel Plus is comprised of 13 ingredients that you can find right on the company page... Right next to where you clicked to find Dr. Behruzi's information.
    Also, I'm Quite Confident That Chiropractors Know A Thing Or two more about brain health than the average Joe. In fact I know quite a few Chiropractors who know more about Holistic health than Most Family Doctors. So Next time, do your research. Otherwise you are just assuming and we all know what happens when you do that! The Numerous Testimonies Can Be Found at www. Get Brain Abundance .com see for yourself

    1. Chiropractic is pseudo-science, so it's no great leap of faith to see them get in bed with "holistic medicine".

      I did my research. Many chiropractic Doctors are family doctor wannabes who don't want to get the degree but want to practice the same meds.

      The ingredient list were added later. It wasn't there when I first looked at the website, and their efficacy to "brain health" is not backed up by evidence. You're buying placebo of unknown effect.

    2. Its safe to say that Kasey you have a placebo (fake) education not everything is on the internet

    3. It's safe to say that you enjoy speaking your opinion without evidence, thus one wonders if you had ANY education on critical thinking.

    4. Obviously as in kasy changs case, if you don't have the right stuff to succeed you call out other people who ARE successful and say they are scamming. It's a very loser-y thing to do. Winners win...losers lose. End of story.

    5. You can't debate that chiropractic is pseudoscience, so you throw around insults instead. Tsk, tsk, tsk. If you're really a winner, why do you behave like a loser instead?

  2. Chiropractic care is a legitimate science, not a pseudo-science. While I agree with your point that they would not be the best choice for brain science, I find your lack of faith disturbing. And yes, I just had to say that! Even so, it's true. You could not receive an accredited degree as a chiropractor if it were pseudo-science.

    1. Chiropractic is founded on pseudo-science. Many chiropractors admitted so:


      Science-Based Medicine examined "Top Ten Chiropractic Studies of 2013" (as selected by ChiroNexus, a Chiropractic website) and they were NOT impressed.


      A recipient of an accredited degree of chiropractic doctor is a graduate of chiropractic school, not medical school.

      The fact that you can get a degree in Chiropractics is not a sign of its legitimacy, but merely of its popularity.

  3. Notice he's an expert on the "importance of brain health", not on what brain health is, let alone how to restore and maintain it. And I don't have to be a doctor *or* a chiropractor to tell you that if your brain isn't healthy, you're gonna have a bad time.