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More on "SVM Global" possible scam warning signs, and how people "whitewash" their reputation with fancy titles

Previously we've covered a potential scam called "SVM Global" where the operator, "Sheila V. Tabarsi" claimed to be able to turn 100K into 1M in 90 days, with minimum buy-in at $990, and may be targeting veterans, the poor, and so on.

But who is "Sheila V. Tabarsi"? That answer turned out to be much more difficult to answer, as it turned out she may have used at least 8 different names, includes:

  • Sheila V. Tabarsi (current)
  • Sheila V'Eleos Tabarsi (variant)
  • Sheila Tabarsi (variant)
  • Sheila Hibbitts (former)
  • Sheila A. Hibbitts (former)
  • Sheila V'Eleos (ordained name)
  • Sheila V (psychic)
  • Sheila Tucker (mom's maiden name? married name?)
Sheila apparently served in the US Air Force before and part of SVM Global's hook was "we will turn closed US Air Force Bases into economic zones (and end poverty)". How interesting that she's moving from New York to Costa Rica to do so, hmmm?

from Sheila V. Tabarsi's Google Plus profile

But how did she get so many names? She currently calls herself:

Sheila V'Eleos Tabarsi is a 4th Generation Native Cherokee / African American Spiritual Life Coach, Universal Life Church Minister, Business and medical Intuitive, with 17 active years of practice performing Clair-emphatic healing and various forms of intuitive readings....
excerpted from

But what is "intuitive healing"? Or Clair-emphatic? Turns out, that's a fancy term for "psychic", yes, crystal ball and tarot cards and all that. This kind:

Psychic sign: Psychic, Tarot Cards, Crystal Readers, Reader, Advisor
"Clair-empathic" is attempting to appropriate the "clair" in clairvoyance to mean telempathy.

In fact, Sheila is even listed on Yelp, see for yourself:

So what's that Desert Storm plaque? It gave her real name as Shiela A. Hibbitts.

No unit name and number? No DOD insignia? No name of commanding officer?
Did she award this to herself?  At least we got her real name: Sheila A. Hibbitts
Note: This design is NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE on Google. 
So Sheila changed her middle initial from A to V. It's also interesting her name was spelled "Shiela" on the plaque, but she spelled it later as "Sheila".

Apparently Sheila / Shiela 's psychic business doesn't pay that well, since she has an Elance profile too... $2500 a week or $44 per hour.  And she can't hold a steady job, since she worked as "business manager" for various companies for 10 years after leaving USAF.

So what the heck is V'Eleos? As far as I can tell, Eleos is the Greek spirit of compassion.   It's most likely that Sheila picked Eleos to match her "psychic name" Sheila V" and put an apostrophe in the middle to make it sound more exotic.

Now what is this about Universal Life Church Minister? Turns out they will ordain any one with a pulse... online. Yes, you simply need to ask. It's even free. In fact, her ULC minister certificate was made out to "Sheila V'Eleos"

Universal Life Church certifies  Sheila V'Eleos as a minister (for free!)

Frankly, someone with that many different names should not be trustworthy already. Besides, a psychic is trained to pry money from you to trying to cold read your fears and hopes. She simply upgraded her title to "life coach".

She apparently operated out of California too, as there's an unverifiable complaint about Sheila Tabarsi (et al) in the LA area:
This woman is a professional scam artist! She claims to be a "Self Help Life Coach" She pays the first months rent to get into your home then refuses to pay after that. During her stay she threatens, taunts, harasses, damages your property, steals, goes around to your neighbors and slanders your name, files false police reports against you amongst other things! I learned the hard way that this lowlife once in your home has more rights as a tenant....Yes a tenant, then me the person who is actually on the lease agreement and pays her rent. I became the person who did not have any say what goes on in my own home! The steps required to get this piece of garbage out legally are unbelievable! What I mean by "legally" is the eviction process that is not only time consuming but an out of pocket excellence on top of what its already costing you to live with that nightmare! I'm sorry I did not post this back in April when I finally got this piece of garbage out because now Sheila Tabarsi has moved onto her next victim! I know this because the poor unexpected soul reached out to me for advice on how to deal with Sheila Tabarsi. Trying tocut this story short I didn't put all the details of my experience with this fraud. One of the details not mentioned above is that I had to file a restraining order with the Burbank Court House on Sheila Tabarsi which become public records and is how Sheila's newest victim was able to contact me. Every ounce of this story is true and can easily be proven. The case number for the civil harassment restraining order I filed is ES016445. The case number for the eviction is 13R01985. You can also look into other numerous cases filed against ST. For example case #LS018121 or case #09CB3859 The list goes on and on. Sheila uses the following names Sheila V'Eleos, Sheila V. Tabarsi, Sheila Hibbitts, Sheila Tucker and Sheila V. Location: EVERYWHERE
If you're asking wasn't Sheila in New York, there are a LOT of reports that she was in California under her original name, Hibbitts.

All indications indicates that's where she grew up, and she even admits so on her Yelp profile:
Sheila V. : Born in Fresno and raised in Selma, CA

I haven't been able to verify these alleged case numbers, but those may be the cause she fled California for New York.

And now she's ready to leave New York for Costa Rica.

And Sheila... I know about your "opera singing sister" J, your "model" daughter L, your grandson bearing daughter M, and your other sister J. You really shouldn't post so many pictures online for the public to see. Tsk tsk tsk.

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