Friday, December 5, 2014

WSJ: T. LeMont Silver Blames Everyone But Himself for Being Sued as "Net Winner" in Zeek

Wall Street Journal article, published 2014-DEC-03 specifically named T. LeMont Silver, a Zeek "net winner" (i.e. he got more than he put in while others lost money), and serial Ponzi participant, as someone who admits he's an idiot, yet blames everybody except himself.

In the WSJ article SEC on Lookout for Web-Based Pyramid Schemes by Jean Eaglesham, it specifically named GoFunPlaces (and its parent eAdGear) as a scam shut down by the SEC.

At the end, Mr. T. LeMont Silver Sr. was mentioned by name, where the author wrote:

"Mr. Silver said he is a marketer with little knowledge of the business operations of the companies he promotes"

Yet he wants you to join him in making money.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

T. LeMont Silver Sr.
(courtesy of BehindMLM)
In other words, Silver doesn't do his due diligence. Which is why he's facing a $1.7 million claim from Zeek Rewards receiver, and he's ducking it by uprooting his entire family from the US to live in the Dominican Republic, where he CONTINUES to push one scheme after another. Right now, he's in some Bitcoin scheme. Here's just a few of the scams he had been involved in (you can easily verify this yourself if you Google his name and the scheme name)

  • OneX 
  • ZeekRewards
  • JubiRev
  • GoFunPlaces
  • BitClub
Is this the sort of "internet entrepreneur" you are following? yet what was his reaction? 
Yet in my chosen field, greedy law firms...and others confront us with bankrupting litigation and regulatory actions. Is this because we dare to dream and seek success?
You are being sued because you keep joining scams, you moron!

And now the authorities are setting their eyes on these schemes. 

Here's to hoping people get the justice (and punishment) they deserve. 

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