Sunday, October 27, 2013

Evil MLM: Spend Your Own Time on MLM, not your "day job" Time!

Sometimes, people in MLM just let things get to their head, and they forgot all about ethics, morality, conflict of interest, and so on. It's clear that if you have a side job, you should never spend any time or resources of your "day job" on it. Yet that's exactly one one Fort Collins school administrator was caught doing... using his school PC, his school email, during school hours, for his Organo Gold MLM distributorship. He even wrote a "business plan" where he plans to promote the stuff to the teachers (the people he's in charge of) and more. The local teacher's union is appalled and wants the guy fired. School District is keeping mum about it.

Chuck DeWayne is an executive direction of HR for the Poudre School District, in Fort Collins, CO. He's in charge of over 4000 full and part-time PSD employees. And he's making $141820 a year. However, that's apparently not enough, and he planned to use the power at his disposal to add to that income by pushing Organo Gold, according to local 7NEWS.

Email records obtained by 7NEWS has shown that DeWayne sent his "business plan" from his district email account during school hours. The plan specifically spelled out how he plan to recruit district staff for his money making venture in Organo Gold. The goal apparently is to make 63 million by Christmas 2020.

A different part of the business plan includes goals to influence the district to teach "How to Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, part of what's offered by Napoleon Hill Foundation, which is openly linked with Organo Gold.

7NEWS learned that the district did purchase 40-some copies of the book for buisness course, it had been since removed from the curriculum.

DeWayne apparently also reigstered to be "certified" as an instructor in the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and in his testimonial video, available on Youtube, he clearly stated he plans to share the [Napoleon Hill] principles with people in public education starting in his own district in Colorado.

The school district thus far have yet to make any public comment or disciplinary action against DeWayne, citing "personnel rules" and "privacy concerns".

Folks, I have no beef against Napoleon Hill, but his stuff came from decades ago. So its application to today's world is dubious. Furthermore, it's a lot of psycho-babble. I have no problem you reading that sort of stuff on your own time, but at your day-job? In conjunction with Organo Gold? That's a plan to get FIRED.
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