Saturday, July 6, 2013

TelexFree Location Lie: It's TVI Express All Over Again

It's interesting how the scams just repeating themselves, albeit with a different audience.

Recently, when the Brazilian courts issued an injunction / cease and desist order against TelexFree, the various Brazilian affiliates started touting that TelexFree is a US company with a dozen year history.

Here's one example:

Yes, the corp search is real, but you need to read the WHOLE history... Like there are TWO TelexFree companies...

So where is this first one? Type in the address given: 4705 S. DURANGE DR., #100-J51, LAS VEGAS, NV  89147  USA into Google, and you get a mini-mart with mailboxes:

#100 is the mini-mart, and J51 is the mailbox number inside. You can zoom in on the streetview and you can see the Beauty Store is #110, and to its right is #115. So there's no doubt Minimart is #100. This is just a mailbox. 

What about the other address?   225 CEDAR HILL ST SUITE 200, MARLBOROUGH, MA  01752  USA

This is even more deceptive. This is a VIRTUAL OFFICE provided by Regus. What's Regus? They rent office buildings and rent out offices, mailboxes, and "receptionists" by the hour or by the call. In other words, they let small companies look big and professional (and make scammers look legitimate). Here's their own webpage about this specific location:

Okay, you ask, but how do I know that this is a virtual office, as compared to business center, lounge, meeting room, etc. ?

By the suite number, of course. Suite 200 is the "default", the Regus office suite that they use for everybody who don't have a separate physical space. if TelexFree did have a actual office at that location, they would have gotten their own suite number, not the default 200.

In other words, here's the undeniable truth:

There is no real TelexFree office in the US. There are ONLY TWO MAILBOXES. 

That doesn't stop Brazilians from parading this photo of James Merrill standing in front of a building he probably doesn't even rent an office in though...

They rent ONE office, or even a VIRTUAL office, and they pretend they own the entire building.

That's fraud, folks. Just like TVI Express fans made up **** about how they're in London, and paraded the whole building that TVI Express just rent a mailbox out of.

What utter... bollocks.


  1. 1) This faking Mickey Mouse office sells -d-r-e-a-m-s- some $40 'international' IP-phoning which really costs just under $20 for Skype;

    2) There're very many hot -b-a-b-o-o-n-s- 'businessmen' in teleXfree who think they could overplay the criminal organizers, but it's the rulemaker who always wins;

    3) Funny, the 'best' period gives to a participant some $200... at the expense of some dozen friends he abused and lied to; even now when one deducts 'investments', operational expenses and TAXes it makes less than a hundred a month;

    4) thus, as in all MLM scams, there're NO 'happy telexfree' TAX RETURNS
    CONCLUSION: the company is a fake, the product ('service') is overpriced and faky, income is a theft and success is but another fake.

  2. hahahah this published is so stupid

    1. Did you know that TelexFree also did this with their "UK" office? Changed 3 addresses in 3 weeks, all virtual offices.

    2. That's right. They presented and changed three different address. The first and second were residential houses and the third was Regus Office.

      But guess what? Just two days ago they released their new website, and they replaced the "current" address show on their page (the Regus one) back to the first address they presented last September.

      And the cool thing is that according to the Companies House website, their official registered address is actually the second one.

      Also the "UK Office" photo shown on their new website was copied from Google Street View, and they identify the headquarters company as "TelexFree Inc", but this is wrong. The registered company in UK is actually called "TelexFree Ltd".

      Lots of lies. Take a look: