Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: TelexFree co-owner James Merrill bail denied, will stay in Federal Jail

News just broke that the judge has denied bail to TelexFree co-owner James Merrill, despite promises of him and his wife to surrender passports and put down deed to their house as security bond.

Judge cited that Merrill still have access to many accounts not yet frozen in areas outside of US jurisdiction, and it is possible other top promoters, not charged yet still sympathetic to TelexFree, may choose to hide him and/or help him escape should bail be allowed. Perhaps even Carlos Wanzeler, believed to be in Brazil and considered a fugitive by USDOJ, may help him escape.

MLMSkeptic points out that Carlos Wanzeler is believed to have tried to help Katia Wanzeler, his wife, escape the US buy buying her a one-way ticket to Brazil. She was caught at the airport with 4 suitcases and 3000 in cash... and not Boston airport but further north, JFK Airport in New York. It was believed that Carlos Wanzeler himself have left the country LAST MONTH by driving into Canada.

Merrill's lawyer vowed to appeal the decision.

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