Thursday, May 15, 2014

(UPDATE) BREAKING NEWS: Wife of Carlos Wanzeler, TelexFree fugitive, arrested at airport, denied bail

Boston Globe has learned that Katia Wanzeler, wife of Carlos Wanzeler, and alleged recipient of at least one cashier's check found in TelexFree, was detained and arrested at an airport (presumably, Boston Logan Intl John F. Kennedy Intl in New York)

Carlos Wanzeler has left the country several weeks ago, without informing his attorney. US DOJ considers Carlos Wanzeler a fugitive and apparently a warrant for his arrest had been issued.

James Merrill, co-owner of TelexFree, was already arrested last week.

UPDATE: According to affidavits filed with the court by Homeland Security, Katia Wanzeler's one-way ticket was purchased in cash by "someone in Brazil" (presumably, Carlos?)   Katia was detained as "material witness" by Homeland Security. According to Katia Wanzeler, Carlos Wanzeler and daughter (?) Livia Wanzeler drove to Canada on the day of the raid by HSI/ICE/FBI/whoknowswhatelese on TelexFree office, and from there, flown to Brazil.

UPDATE 2: According to reports cited by BehindMLM, Katia Wanzeler was denied bail (which means she's indeed ARRESTED, not merely detained), as she's found at JFK with $3000 USD in cash, as well as FOUR fully loaded suitcases (70 pounds each?) AND one-way plane ticket to Rio de Jainero, Brazil. Her lawyer tried to argue that she's merely going for a visit with clothes for relatives, and will return in 1 week. The judge did not accept that explanation, and bail was denied as she's a flight risk.

According to affidavit filed earlier by Federal agents, Katia earlier, when questioned by agents who served a search warrant on the Wanzeler residence along with on TelexFree HQ, claimed that her husband is staying at a hotel, when in fact her husband, along with daughter Livia, drove north into Canada and caught a plane there to Brazil when situation turned dire. This raises the possibility of Katia being charged with obstruction of justice / impeding active Federal investigation later by USDOJ.

IN RELATED NEWS: James Merrill, the TelexFree co-owner that's currently in custody, has his bail also denied due to possible flight risk.

If your name is among the "TelexFree 8", don't try to leave town.

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