Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Wings Network quits US Market

Only days after Massachusetts SecState Bill Galvin expressed some concerns in the US and requested some documents from it, Wings Network decided to cease operation in the US altogether. Mind you, this is less than a month after Mass State and SEC and HSI and FBI, and ICE and who knows what else raided TelexFree.

Wings Network was often pitched by "leaders" in TelexFree as a plan B of some sort after shutdown of TelexFree.

Wings Network website now shows a message to all US IP addresses that it has VOLUNTARILY ceased operation in the US.

You can drawn your own conclusions.

(Thanks to BehindMLM for reference )
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  1. Are they gonna scoop up the top leaders that help spread this monstrosity here and elsewhere, they're all listed here: For more info just check them up on youtube.