Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scam Psychology: Is Enforcing Positivity Even Legal? (HINT: NO!)

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Previously here on MLM Skeptic the topic of "positivity" had been discussed several times. But a recent ruling by National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has great implications: turns out, enforcing "positivity" at work is ILLEGAL and violates Federal labor laws.

A non-Union hospital has a standing policy that prohibits any sort of negative commentary about the hospital or fellow workers, and outright prohibits "negativity or gossip". It even REQUIRES employees to represent the employer in the public in a "positive and professional manner".

The NLRB which interprets Federal Labor Law says this language so so vague and overreaching it is illegal. And it can inhibit the employees to discuss ways to protect their own rights in groups.

The MLM Skeptic points out that this sort of "no negativity" is common practice on many suspicious scheme's public forums. Zeek Rewards forums were famous in 2012 for killing off ANY sort of criticism or any hint of incompetence by the company, so you are reduced to virtually only 3 types of posts: announcements "Official Zeek", cheerleader-type comments "Zeek is great!" , and whiny questions "please help me..."

In fact, even AFTER Zeek was closed, their petition people did the same thing:

Yes, this is a screenshot of a lame "" petition of a few desperate Zeek affiliates, after Zeek was shut in August 2012, and they are trying to enforce the "positivity only" attitude on each other. They are so Pavlov-ian, they're creating bells for each other to salivate over even when the bell was taken away and the poor doctor hauled away.

But then, if they really think that a 800 million Ponzi scheme is an "ethical company", one must wonder if they can find their own arses with help of several spotlights.

So next time you run into a company that enforces positivity, walk out the door. They are behaving illegally, and you don't want any part of that crap. Leave.
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