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NEWS UPDATE 13-MAY-2014: TelexFree believers spam judge; WCM777 "counsel" unlicensed?; Botafogo dumps TelexFree

Some news on this Tuesday the 13th (unlucky day to some Hispanics)...

TelexFree Believers Spam Judge with Doodle

According to court documents made public via PACER court system, many TelexFree believers have mailed doodles and letters of support to the judge presiding over TelexFree. As they have really nothing to do with the case (it's not considered evidence), it's basically spam. They are in English a Spanish, handwritten and typewritten, some even includes doodles. Many of the letters basically says "I trust TelexFree, I think this is all some sort of media understanding and a conspiracy to make the company look bad..."  Which is, of course, hilarious.

You can see a sample of such at

WCM777 "General Counsel" may be unlicensed ANYWHERE

Vincent Messina, who was a part of the SEC probe into the WCM777 ponzi scheme as he was listed as "counsel" for the company, has no license to practice anywhere, according to a new SEC complaint filed to the Federal Court. The scam's size has been revised upward to over $80 million dollars, and Vincent Messina, whom was highlighted before as having "lost" a 200K dollar check, has no licensed to practice law in California (WCM777 is based in Southern California). While Mr. Messina claimed that he's licensed in Florida, SEC has checked with Florida Bar association, and Mr. Messina's membership is listed as "inactive".

According to the same complaint, Messina is also running another suspect scheme called IMV which may have received several million from WC777 before SEC closed the scam in April 2014.

See for details.

Botafogo Dumps TelexFree Sponsorship

On the team website, Botafogo announced that they have rescinded TelexFree sponsorship (in Portuguese). They will strip the TelexFree logo from their uniforms immediately. The announcement was barely 2 sentences.

Thanks to for the lead story.

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