Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Where is Katia Wanzeler? Asked Her Lawyers

According to an emergency motion filed merely hours ago (21-MAY-2014) in Boston, lawyers representing Katia Wanzeler (yes, there's more than one)  don't know where their client is.

After Katia Wanzeler was taken off the jetway leading to a flight going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at JFK airport last week, she had been detained on a material witness warrant by Federal court in Boston, MA issued 14-MAY-2014, and US Magistrate in New York (which is where JFK airport is) has remanded her to US Marshals to be remanded to Massachusetts as of order of 15-MAY-2014.

And her lawyers claimed that she has NOT appeared in front of grand jury yet, as of today, and they want to know why. And they ask the judge to order the US Marshals to expedite and to hurry along so Katia can regain her freedom, as she had not been charged with any crimes (yet)

This is not on any news, as the documents were filed merely hours ago, and spotted by sharp-eyed Don over at ASDUpdates.

Speculations are running wild, that perhaps USDOJ are preparing charges to hold Mrs. Wanzeler, now that her husband had flown the coop.

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