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Just what *are* your odds in Herbalife? (With bonus Kiyosaki debunking)

Apparently some Herbalife distributors were spreading this on Facebook

(following picture courtesy of SaltyDroid)

Notice the graph says "Rich Kid Smart Kid?" We'll get back to that.

Let's assume that the odds are accurate... for the Herbalife portion... But there's something SERIOUSLY not mentioned in the odds... That the odds are NOT evenly distributed, like you'd been lead to assume.

That's right... Some people have far better odds in Herbalife than the average distributor.

The relatives of those already in "President's Club" have much better odds. It's an insider's game, not "equal opportunity" like you'd been lead to believe.

Ever heard of John Tartol? If you are in Herbalife, you should. He's one of those top reps in "Chairman's Club", and have been in Herbalife for 30+ years. He's even on Herbalife's board of directors.

Care to guess how many of his relatives are nearly as high as he is. i.e. President's Team, and so on?

TWELVE of them.

His son Zack
His sister Mary
Her son Jake
and many many more.

The conclusion is simple...

a)  If you're related to one of those EXISTING Herbalife millionaire, you've got it made.

b) the rest of you... are probably wondering why didn't you succeed like the "winners"


Oh, the Kiyosaki bit... Let's just say "Rich Kid Smart Kid" is a Kiyosaki retread of what Sir Ken Robinson had been saying since 1980's. And here's proof... Sir Ken Robison's book... publication date of 1982, where he explained that the school needs to teach the arts to foster creativity, instead of churn out workers for the industrial era.

Got that?  Now... about becoming a millionaire... let's do some fact-checking...

First, how many milionaires are there in the US?

Answer: 2.88 million Americans have 1 million or more total net worth. That's 1 in 106.  (Source:Investopedia)  Science Channel has it at 1 in 115, but close enough.

So that graph that claimed your chance of becoming a millionaire is 1 in 1.2 million?


Now let's fact-check the lottery odds... Really, winning the lottery odds is 1 in 12 million? Where did Kiyosaki get this number? It makes no sense. Are we assuming a SINGLE play? if so, how is that comparable to joining Herbalife, which will take YEARS to achieve that milestone?

Second, what's the odds of winning MegaMillions (in the US) with a single ticket? 1 in 176 million though minimum 15 million is guaranteed.  So if you have 15 winners of the MegaMillion jackpot, each would share 1 million, but the "odds" to have picked the number is still 1 in 176 million...

However, those are not the only games running. Each state often have their own "scratchers" type lottery in addition to the big lotto games, as well as alternate lotto games that can produce 1 million dollar jackpots with odds better than Mega Millions. VegasClicks documented an old Texas Lotto scratcher that has the odds of about 1.03 million to 1 to win 1 million dollars.

Whatever the odds are for winning a million bucks by playing ONE ticket, it's nowhere near 12 million to 1.

That just goes to show you how much **** was Kiyosaki peddling, doesn't it?

Not that he ever learns from his mistakes. He just explains them away.

Coming soon: How Kiyosaki screwed the Learning Annex, and claimed he was robbed but he's smart to not lose much.

Article inspired by by Saltydroid's article "Godfather of Herbalife"

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