Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Few Cliches about Scammers

On Christmas Eve, I read that a Zeek pitchman, who was "hosting" Robert Craddock's calls, had been sued by ANOTHER receiver for his winnings in another Ponzi scheme. 

Gregory Baker, who was hosting the conference calls giving updates by Kettner, Craddock, et al, was previously a "winner" in the Botfly Ponzi in Florida, and was sued by Florida AG for thousands of dollars of his ill-gotten gains. It is unknown if Baker himself had money in Zeek, but I would not be surprised if he did.

My first reaction is "Once a thief, always a thief". Or the very similar, "Leopard cannot change its spots; tiger cannot change its stripes."

There had been LONG documented cases where people who were in a Ponzi jump from scheme to scheme, fast enough so they made a profit, and split before it goes kaput. In fact, the "winners" in Zeek reads like a who's who in Ponzi promoters, including Jerry Napier, Trudy Gilmond, O.H. Brown, and more, all of whom had previously been involved in Ad Surf Daily, Andy Bowdoin's Ponzi, also out of Florida. Other winners such as Kettner were involved in similar shady deals such as TVI Express.

It's almost as if joining Ponzi scheme is an addiction... if you "time" it just right you can make a bundle and pretend to be victims.

Then you dump the proceeds into ANOTHER Ponzi so you claim you don't have any money to give back. Which is a lie, of course. It's fraud, intentional dissipation of assets to hide it from authorities.

This is not fiction. The Zeek receiver Ken Bell made a statement to the supervising Federal judge that he has evidence that large amounts of assets from the net winners have been dissipated into other schemes in order to hide it from him or his reach.

So much so, that the receiver is asking the judge to issue an order to COMPEL the folks involved... such as Craddock, Kettner, and Sorrells, to produce the documents he had originally requested, to determine just how many usernames did these suspect serial scammers used in Zeek, as many Zeek usernames are used by the same person(s), and many were believed to be outright fakes for bid dumping. Without which, he cannot tell who are the real winners and real losers. And these folks, needless to say, are NOT cooperating.

Considering that it was Craddock who tried to take my investigation into Zeek Rewards offline through some questionable strong-arm tactics, I have another cliche:

"What comes around, goes around." , otherwise known as "law of karma".

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