Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zeek Loyal Affiliates Facebook Page goes underground

According to ASDUpdates, one of the more often updated Zeek Affiliate Pages that are still active, Zeek Loyal Affiliates, has gone dark, and may have gone underground, as it had deleted various comments posted by Dave Kettner and Ernest Moffitt, both of whom posted utter fantasy comments such as "SEC chairman resigned due to 1700 lawsuits filed by Zeek affiliates" and "Ken Bell Receiver is continuing his fraud" that seem to have only the flimsiest grasp to reality.

While SEC chairwoman is stepping down, a new chairwoman has already been appointed, Elisse Walters! Mary Shapiro had been on the post for 4 years, long enough! And there was NO 1700 lawsuits! If there was, it would have shown up in the court system!

However, that's not the interesting part.

Don, over at ASDUpdates, also received a note from the alleged sysadmin of said Zeek Loyal Affiliates paged by the name of Cynthia, who is OUTRAGED that some of her readers are passing on information that was posted on her Facebook fanpage.

Second, I am the creator of the Zeek Loyal Affiliates Facebook page,a private page which allowed limited membership. The page has not disappeared. However because one or perhaps more of our members appeared to be reporting to you on a regular basis, thus violating the confidentiality that was intended for the site, I needed to clean house.
The purpose of the page was to keep affiliates who wished to see Zeek Rewards return have a place to be informed, to support one another, to vent, to express how the closure of Zeek has presented significant suffering, pain and personal challenges for many wonderful people, and finally it was a place where we could share information relevant to the case. Its purpose was not to keep YOU informed.
Using FACEBOOK for secret info. Oh, that's just hilarious. What do they have to hide, hmmm? May it be rumors that Craddock and company are working on "Zeek 2.0"? That it's a "top secret project" that only the top uplines are supposed to know?

Apparently pointing out that "you all fell for a scam!" is being insensitive to the victim.

Perhaps they want to hear some sweet lies about Zeek instead, like it's coming back, and so on.

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