Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Make Threats Over the Internet, or You May Regret It

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It's no joke to threaten someone, except maybe as a one-time joke against people you know, but when done to total strangers, it's harassment, and if prolonged, it's stalking and bullying. (or Cyberbullying)

And it's AGAINST THE LAW in many jurisdictions to utter threats over the Internet.

Just recently, in Canada, a certain D. Markuze was arrested by Montreal PD for violations of his probation terms... uttering online threats against multiple individuals. He got probation, so if he kept his nose clean, that would be the end of it.

But as you can expect, he tired to cover his tracks by going to proxy sites, coffee shops, libraries, and basically free WIFI spots to send his **** against skeptics, and he continued to harass skeptics through Youtube, internet forums, Twitter, blog comments, and much more, even though he was supposed to avoid internet forums, blogs, social networks, chatrooms, and such.

So he's now spending some quality time IN JAIL.

What does this have to do with a scam, you ask?

D. Markuze, who goes by "Mabus" online, use a lot of the tactics common to scammers, including SEO (Youtube videos that just contain spam keywords), harassment, long blathering missives copy and pasted to multiple locations, including blog comments, web forums, and such, Twitter spam, and more.

And yes, even threats over the Internet. I've seen a couple from TVI Express adherents and Zeek Rewards members myself.

While I don't quite have the resources of the whole community, I do my own bit of tracking for various scams and suspicious schemes, and that is one impressive piece of detective work.

This is his full story:
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  1. and believe me, he's not in jail... all those little whining atheists are on TRIAL

  2. Oh, I'm sure he'd be released on bail by now... But your point is?