Friday, December 14, 2012

The problem with spread crap info: a growing snowball of crap

If you can only act as a parrot and repeat what your upline said, then this is obviously NOT meant for you. Please go read some crap... and enjoy it.

However, if you actually believe yourself to have at least average intelligence, and you don't take crap from anybody, then perhaps you should continue to read.

Previously we have covered the existence of crap info, and how to detect them. But where do crap info come from?

Frankly, a lot of crap info comes from crap info. When you repeat someone's crap info, you add your own narrative onto it, and it snowballs, grows bigger and bigger, until someone realizes that you've been spreading... well, crap! By then, you've spread so much crap, your own reputation takes a hit, and you're either so embarrassed that you'd want to dig a hole to China and hide in it, or you're so busy spreading even MORE crap to explain your previous crap that people stop listening to you altogether.

Why not stop spreading crap, esp. when it comes to SCAMS?  Of course, that requires you to engage your BRAIN, and a little research, and your "crap detector". Wait, you don't have one? Sure you do. Yours just need a tune up.

I'll cite some Zeek Reward Ponzi crap as example...


(I am going to assume you already know how Zeek Rewards ponzi works. If you don't, please read my investigation )

When SEC shut down the Zeek Rewards ponzi scheme back on August 16, 2012, all of the various eWallets containing funds related to Zeek (both Zeek's own, and all the affiliates') were frozen in cooperation  of an emergency asset freeze order from the SEC. This was done by all 3 eWallet vendors used by Zeek: Payza, STP, and NxPay.

Considering the fact that vast majority of Zeek affiliates were told to keep their money inside Zeek as much as possible (as VIP points from buying and "giving away" bids) very few people would have money in their eWallet, unless they were getting PAID by Zeek.

If you were paid by Zeek, a purported Ponzi scheme, then it's obvious that your account needs to be frozen UNTIL the court (or court-appointed receiver) figures out how much of that money is yours, and how much really belongs to other people, but ended up in your account through FRAUDULENT TRANSFER.

And guess who's beating the drum of "free our eWallets"? Robert Craddock, the same person that tried to shut me down for pointing out how illegal ZeekRewards was.

Here's someone transcribing something allegedly said by him on October 20th, 2012

First of all, in all the court documents visible to date, there has been NO allegations by SEC that NxPay is an extension of Zeek Rewards. There are some sealed documents, sure, but this was NOT mentioned anywhere. Thus, where did Craddock get this info, I have no f***ing clue. In fact, I believe I was the person who asked this question, and thus far, I can't find anything except circumstantial evidence that can be interpreted many ways.

So either Craddock is reading my questions and decided that I somehow works for the SEC (which is why I know so much), or he's getting psychic visions. :D

Second, only TWO attorneys have been documented to be working on the case, according to court documents filed thus far.

Third, as of today, almost two MONTHS later, the only motion filed was to request appointment of their own attorney as an "examiner" to fight the receiver and waste more of Zeek's assets that could be used to pay the victims. Not only that, they want the receiver to pay for his opponent's salary.

NOTHING about releasing NxPay funds. And what about funds in Payza or STP? Hmmm?

Why is Craddock so interested in NxPay? Does he know something we don't? Hmmm?

Ah, but recently, he just waved his hands and said "We give up, NXPay stole all your money and gave it to the receiver". Well, not exactly, but that's the essence of it.

Here's what actually happened... About a week ago, NxPay sent out an email to any Zeek affiliates with NXPay account. Apparently funds will be released... but there's an important caveat:

only the funds that you placed onto your NxPay® Account that were not subsequently used to purchase bids through ZeekRewards will be available.
However, it appears that some certain people have intentionally misinterpreted the email by skipping over this point, leading some affiliates to believe that everybody is going to get all their money back commission and unrelated funds.

THEN the same certain people is now telling affiliates to sue NxPay because NxPay is apparently following court order and turn over whatever belonged to RVG to the receiver's court-mandated bank account.

Of course, they don't mention that they were spreading crap before... They claim they were getting eWallets released. When UNRELATED FUNDS are released, they claimed credit for "winning".

That's crap.

Then when people realized that Craddock and company is talking crap, and vast majority did NOT see any money released, Craddock and company blamed the eWallet provider.

That's spreading more crap in order to cover up their own crap.

All you're left is a BIGGER smelly mess.

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