Saturday, December 15, 2012

Zeek Rewards Ponzi Update: another attorney fighting the clawbacks

An attorney previously involved in the defense of Bernard Madoff, Ira Sorkin, is now representing two Zeek winners: Trudy Gilmond and Kellie King to fight the receiver Ken Bell and his attempt to recover funds for the victims of Zeek Rewards Ponzi.

Sorkin's position was that Zeek does not sell securities and thus receiver was appointed in error. Why he believes so is not certain. Presumably he knows what he's talking about, as he used to work for the SEC. However, he did not explain why Zeek does not pass the Howey test.

What's interesting is Trudy Gilmond was once listed as "employee" by the Zeek internal support board. Trudy Gilmond was also formerly of several suspect scams, one of which accused by no less than US Secret Service.

Furthermore, there seems to be a link between Trudy Gilmond's "Team Fired Up", and one of the alleged "third-party service provider" AdSmartz which charged a small fee to post ads for Zeek Rewards members for them to fullfill their qualification for daily payout.

Seems that the Zeek "defenders" can't even agree on a common strategy.
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