Thursday, July 26, 2012

NEWSFLASH: Zeekrewards parent company contact Hubpages, resulting in my ZeekRewards review hub UNpublished

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I have a review of ZeekRewards on my account. I raised some serious questions on whether it is as it claims: not an investment, among other problems.

On July 25th, it was taken offline by due to "legal" reasons. Apparently someone related to ZeekRewards sent them a notice prompting them to take such an action. However, I was NOT served with such a notice, nor an explanation.

Instead, I was urged by Hubpages to provide the other party with a contact method so they can contact me directly.

So I gave them an email address.

I got a reply back from a person using a GMAIL address by the name of Robert Craddock, who only hinted vaguely at they object to info I presented on my hub as to what companies did Rex Venture Group associated or connected with. As for what this info is, he did not specify. Instead, he wants MY phone number, without providing his own.

Nor can I verify Mr. Craddock's bonafides. He doesn't show up in any public search regarding Rex or Zeek. And why would they use a Gmail address?

I am going to query Hubpages for more details.

In the meanwhile, Mr. Craddock, you have till Monday, Noon, to provide me with a list of things you found to be objectionable by your standards, as well as provide your own bonafides via publicly verifiable sources.


K. Chang, MLM Skeptic


UPDATE: The takedown notice sent to Hubpages is available for all to see:

Note that Mr. Craddock does not represent himself as lawyer, or even stated his position at RVG.

Nor does the complaint contain details on what is wrong with the sections he quoted as problematic.

All the claims of "copyright" are fair use as "nominative" use, as I have to name the company to review it.

I asked him for verification that he works at RVG, he has not provided such proof.

But he does show up in LinkedIn

So why is he posting from Hearndon, Virginia?

UPDATE 2 (27-JUL-2012) : I have confirmed through my own sources that Mr. Craddock is an independent consultant with unspecified duties and unspecified authorities, but he does indeed do some work with Rex Venture Group.

However, this does not indicate he has any authority to issue takedown notices on Rex Venture Group's behalf. I was told by this reliable source that the top officers at RVG have not contemplated this sort of action, or he'd have heard about it.

I have NOT received any e-mail from Mr. Craddock since afternoon of 26-JUL-2012, after RVG was informed of this takedown notice they allegedly authorized to send.

I am waiting for a resolution but in the meanwhile, the article remains offline. I have sent a copy to an anti-scam site and hopefully they can put up a mirror soon.

I cannot speculate on Mr. Craddock's motives. He believe he is doing the right thing, as am I.

UPDATE 3 (28-JUL-2012): Mr. Craddock took his LinkedIn Profile offline after I showed it to him.

As for what conclusion you can draw from that, I have no idea.

UPDATE4: (28-JUL-2012) has highlighted this attempt at censorship, and members are having fun finding the background of Mr. Craddock.

UPDATE5: (1-AUG-2012) It is now 6 days since the takedown. My article was held hostage, basically, by an unspecified threat.

UPDATE6: (6-AUG-2012) Article is back online, after minor changes (the logo was redacted). I have had no further communications from Mr. Craddock.
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  1. seems fishy to me. are you able to still see your zeek hub page? any way you can copy/paste it, and post it somewhere else on the internet? it was such good info, i hate for it to be lost!

  2. Thanks for all you do Mr. Chang. Keep up the great work. It's refreshing to read someone's work that knows how to keep on the subject and put those dis-tractors in line.

  3. Where can we find your original article? I am interested to read it...