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Review of Reviews: K's "Zeek Rewards for the Totally Skeptical"

Editor's NOTE: Review of reviews is a series of reviews of other people's reviews of alleged business opportunities. 

Editor's NOTE: As request of author, his name has been removed (03-OCT-2015, 25-DEC-2015)

K (once) operates(ed) a website (deleted), and on it he has a variety of articles about MLM, recruiting, and obviously sells his own recruiting system, webinar, and so on. His Zeek Rewards review goes under the microscope today. What is the article trying to say? And did K use logic or logical fallacies to prove his case? Let us find out.

First of all, the website was ranked top results for keyword "Zeek Rewards Review", which is why it was picked. I am NOT going to link to it but you can find it easily using the keywords I have provided. Any way, his words will be in blue, and mine will be in red.

Zeek Rewards Review for the Totally Skeptical
MAY 25, 2012

The title implies it's for those skeptical about Zeek Rewards. But is it? 

Zeek Rewards

Thanks for checking out this post on Zeek Rewards review for those who are totally skeptical about the company’s ability to sustain the massive growth its experiencing now on a world-wide scale.

Hmmm... not quite the question I was expecting, but let's see where he goes with this. There's a presumption of innocence here. 

Chances are that you’ve landed on this review because you are researching Zeek Rewards and are not sure if it really is legit.   A few folks who have read this review actually contacted me the other day to thank them because there is some great info here about building your existing Zeek Rewards business.

Whatever the case, please allow me to congratulate you for taking action and putting in the research about Zeek so that you can make an informed decision about the company.

I’m consistently amazed at how few folks even bother to do a basic Google search on a network marketing company before jumping in with both feet! It’s true!  In fact, I’ve been known to hold off before signing up anyone into my primary company because I feel they’ve not taken enough time to make an informed decision.

Fair enough. 

Since I put the “for the totally skeptical” part in the title of this review, I’ll lay this out for you now.  Zeek Rewards is a totally legit company.  In fact, they’ve hired several of the nation’s top MLM lawyers just to make sure they maintain a pristine record where it comes to network marketing compliance.  Bottom line, I can tell you that it is NOT a scam.

*sigh* Appeal to authority fallacy. Just because Acme XYZ or ZeekRewards or whoever hired a bunch of lawyers doesn't make it legitimate. Ad Surf Daily hired Gerald Nehra, one of the best known MLM attorneys. It's a Ponzi

Besides, the reviewer is not a lawyer, prosecutor, etc.. He's not qualified to say "it's not a scam" without providing evidence, and the only evidence he provided is a fallacy. Sorry, FAIL. 

Zeek Rewards is headquartered in Lexington, NC under the ownership of Paul Burks. The company specializing in online auctions and is fairly new, but the parent company behind Zeek -Rex Ventures – has operated online shopping and catalog sales operations for 15 years.  At present, the company is debt free, which is very unique for companies in any niche, much less network marketing.

What he didn't mention is this information came from Zeek's own statements. Remember, evaluate the source of the info, make sure it's supported. Look into reputation of the source if it's NOT supported by evidence you can verify for yourself.  

It's Rex Venture Group, not Rex Ventures. Minor nit-picking. 

Making Money With Zeek Rewards?

Like most network marketing companies, direct selling through the affiliates is the life blood of the organization. There are people who promote Zeek Rewards as a “you don’t have to recruit or sell anything” kind of deal.  This is totally false.

The idea is that you are recruiting people to build your business and are paid a commission on their efforts.  However, you as well as the people you recruit remain very busy advertising your links to Zeek Rewards in an effort to build your customer base.  This is VERY important.  One of the litmus test of any MLM opportunity in terms of its legitimacy is whether it sells products and has actual customers.

Mostly true. I'll refer you to my MLMBasics article on what's the difference between a pyramid scheme and a MLM. 

Zeek Rewards is the marketing arm of Zeekler, and online auction website.  Your role as a Zeek Rewards affiliate is to recruit customers and purchase sample bids to then give away to those customers in order to get them started in the bidding process.  Like any network marketing business, it takes real effort to build with Zeek.

Real effort, or real money? Read on...

Here’s How Zeek Rewards Works

If you’re still in research mode where Zeek Rewards is concerned, let me provide some background on how the MLM side of Zeek actually works.

I reference earlier that you get paid a commission on the efforts of the people you recruit into Zeek as affiliates.  This is true.  However, there is also a great chance to earn with Zeek Rewards because of the company’s profit sharing program.

Do you know what portions are which though? Do you make most of the money on the commission, or on this profit-sharing thing? 

See, when you market and advertise daily for Zeek Rewards, and you’re an affiliate at the Silver, Gold, or Diamond level, you earn shares of a profit pool filled daily with roughly 50% of the daily profit Zeekler earns from its online auction activity.

You advertise, this helps drive traffic to Zeekler,  they make a profit, they share the profit with you. It’s really that simple.

Apparently, K is not aware that you have to BUY BIDS and GIVE AWAY those bids to qualify for profit sharing. The more bids you guy and give away, the more profit you get to share. You pay to play. 

Ultimately,what ends up taking place is you keep your profit shares rolling over to buy more sample bids to give away long enough for them to grow into larger and larger amounts over time.

Ah, there he glosses over that fundamental fact: You pay them, they pay you back. 

If You Have Not Yet Joined Zeek Rewards… Read This

Getting started with Zeek Rewards is pretty easy.  But  you need to know the facts!  To get the low down, first, head here so you can make an informed decision about Zeek Rewards.  Then, if you decide to join for free, determine whether you want to upgrade to the $10, $50, or $99/month level. Then you purchase as many sample bids as you like to start out… anywhere from $10 to $10,000…it’s up to you.

(Note: Currently only Diamond level affiliates can purchase as many as $10,000 in sample bids. Gold and Silver affiliates have lower purchase limits.)

So there you go again: you pay them (buy bids), they pay you back (profit share)

Remember, you’re being paid as an affiliate advertiser, not an auction participant. That said, feel free to have fun in the auctions! You’re sure to find some great deals!

Note the key here: NOT AN AUCTION PARTICIPANT. Thus, you are not buying bids for yourself. You are NOT a self-consumer by MLM definition. So what is your purchase of "sample bids" for, hmmm? To qualify you for the profit share, of course. Again, you pay them, they pay you back

Let’s take a look at a typical day for a Zeek Rewards member.

On average, your work day as a Zeek Rewards member will take around 10 minutes of “on site” work. Following a simple 3-step process, you will simply:

1. Choose an ad from the list Zeek Rewards provides and copy it

2. Paste the ad into any of the places Zeek suggests (typically free online classified ad sites)

3. Let Zeek Rewards know where you placed it

In other words, you really *can* do this in 2 minutes, or hire someone in say, Philippines to do it for pennies a day. 

Then, the offline work, recruiting customers and members to sign up under you begins.  You can only give up to 1,000 sample bids up to each customer, so if you want to max out at your limit of 10,000 purchased sample bids and have them turn to VIP bids (which you ultimately get paid on via profit share), you need to keep recruiting.

VIP Points, not VIP bids, sheesh. You basically gave $1000 of your money to the company, which somehow translates to something for this guy you recruited, and in return the company promises to pay you some amount of money to be determined. 

Again, you pay the company, and in return, the company promises to pay you back

OK. Great.  But I Still Don’t Get Why Zeek is Paying Me As an Affiliate? 

Here’s how it breaks down.  Penny auctions run at huge profit margins, and in Zeek’s case, the company is just steering the massive dollars it would normally spend with fancy ad networks to you. All you need to do is place your daily ad. Do that and you’ve done your part to earn that day’s percentage of profit! At the moment that percentage averages between 1.5 – 1.75%.  These figures are not promised in any way, and you are in no way guaranteed to receive these specific percentage payouts.

What was not explained is the more of these "VIP Points" you have, the more profit you get. It's not based on sales, but on the money YOU personally spent on the company, and got these promises to be paid back via "profit share". 

Again, you pay them, they pay you back

If you’re thinking about joining Zeek Rewards, you need to make an informed decision…

Click here learn more about Zeek Rewards

If nothing else… Penny Auctions are a simple thing anyone can do on the side to create another stream of income for their kids’ future, to fund our future trips, or whatever they want.

The question you should ask here is: why am I SPENDING money to make money? 

Why Do People Fail at Zeek Rewards?

Just like with any other network marketing company the industry only has about a 3% success rate. There are several reasons for this.

One being not having the proper mindset. Owning your own business comes with responsibilities. It’s your business and you should treat it as your empire. In order to be successful one must be consistent and have and not give up during rough times. It’s all about drive, passion and persistence.

A business is about selling things to people who want it, whether it's product, knowledge, or labor/work. Ask yourself: what are you doing for Zeek? The story is you are PROMOTING Zeekler. So why are you BUYING BIDS, and GIVING THEM AWAY? Bids are SOLD TO YOU, and you are NOT SELLING them! 

YOU are Zeekler's customer. Not the people you claim to be promoting to. 

YOU are buying bids. 

YOU are generating those profits. 

YOU are sharing those profits.

YOU are PAYING YOURSELF (and others)

The second reason people fail at Zeek Rewards is really more about “not crushing it with Zeek” rather than simply failing.

Right K, because my Zeek Rewards earnings will grow daily if I just post my one ad per day.

This is Absolutely True. But let me ask you this.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to compound the daily  benefits you get in Zeek by piggy-backing off the efforts of others?  

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your daily rewards growing exponentially because your 2×5 matrix is busting at the seams and spilling over to you encourage and help out your other direct Zeek Rewards sign ups?

Do you know the proportion of profit share vs. direct sale commission? (Yes, you do get direct sale commission for bid sales: 20%)

In order to recruit into Zeek Rewards with amazing success, you must have the proper marketing training.   This is non-negotiable, because I guarantee you that right now, those who “DO” understand how to market (um.. like me – ’cause hey, you found this blog pretty quickly  - right!) are getting it DONE.

Wanna see the system I use to market and recruit for my Zeek Rewards team right now? Cool… click this link and put in your email address. Then, be sure to watch the entire 30 minute presentation on how you can market Zeek like a pro when you get to the other side. (Don’t waste your time with this if you’re not serious about building your downline.)

Ah, there you go... promoting your own lead generator. 

Without leads or people to talk to you don’t have a business.  Well, at least not one with Zeek Rewards that is growing to the size you dreamed about when you first signed up!

Zeek Rewards Success

If you want to succeed with ZeekRewards, then you will need to become the leader and the expert in this field. You can use proven system to help you get that leadership rank and expert ranking. It’s as simple as following a step by step blueprint. A blueprint proven to help you build your Zeek Rewards business. Many of the most successful leaders in the industry are using system as the one I discuss in the video below.

Once you have a system as in the one below in place it will then be up to you to take those leads and close them into your Zeek Rewards business.

Click here to get started with Zeek Rewards

If you enjoyed this post please comment and share it on Twitter and Facebook! Let me know if you want to see more posts like this.

Well, it's clear that K here is a MLM Coach (see 6 types of MLM ers) who wants to "help" people recruit for Zeek Rewards... but clearly, he means recruiting downline affiliates, NOT customers.

Did K explain WHY ZeekRewards will maintain its growth, which was the question he asked? To quote that again: 

[this review is for] those who are totally skeptical about the company’s ability to sustain the massive growth its experiencing now on a world-wide scale.

Was this explained in the post? Not at all. 

  • He didn't explain how big the company is (about 20 people), 
  • He didn't know how many affiliates they already have (about 100K), 
  • He didn't know how much problem they are having IT wise (it really gotten much much worse in the month since his posted that review)
  • He didn't know a lot of other things. 
  • He either don't know or don't care about how these factors may affect the company's "ability to sustain the massive growth"
  • He didn't even SHOW that the company *have* the "ability to sustain the massive growth"
  • He answered the wrong question(s), and forgot to answer his own question. 

People who are skeptical about ZeekRewards are usually skeptical about its legality: is it a scam? Is it a Ponzi scheme? And all he said was "I say it isn't because they hired a bunch of lawyers."

I don't mind him promoting his lead system. Every coach does so. 

But misleading his readers on viability of a scheme is just plain WRONG.  
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