Monday, July 23, 2012

Who are you associating with? Who's your conscience?

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While network marketing is a useful tool, it often leads to congregation of ONLY like minds, thus nobody is around to provide some neutral, even contrarian thoughts to provoke some deeper soul-searching.

In other words, if you only congregate with clones of yourself, who is going to be your conscience?

This thought came up when I read a blog post, that was subsequently highlighted on Lifehacker. And then I recognized that the blogger mentioned Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn is like one of the pioneers of network marketing and motivational speaking. He sold nutritional supplements BEFORE there was an Amway. In fact, Tony Robbins is one of his STUDENTS. That's how long this guy had been around. And one of his quotes is
"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."
This is quite true, which is why you need to associate not just with like-minded people, but in fact, people who are BETTER than yourself, in DIFFERENT WAYS. 

Just think of the US government, executive branch.

While the president is the leader, he is not an expert in all subjects. He relies on his advisors, his cabinet, various department secretaries, and their aides who present stuff, and the department heads also rely on his or her aides to do the same.  They are not experts in everything, so they have different people who specialized in different areas, and he takes in all the stuff and makes a decision.

Thus, in order to be BETTER than yourself, you need to find people who are BETTER than you, in different ways, and surround yourself with them, so your weak areas are complemented by people who are better than you, thus you can both learn from them, as well as let them help you.

However, in my experience with the various network marketing systems, I found many people are merely interesting in recruiting, not in learning or teaching. Most consider recruits to be merely notches to be filled, potential self-consumer to be recruited as "sales", and if showing some potential, to be molded into a clone of oneself. They are essentially creating a cult of personality, not a true sales organization.

Some recruits swallow this whole, line, hook, and sinker. They think success can be "replicated". They don't realize that they are just apeing / cloning their upline.

If you are in network marketing, or considering it, make sure your "sponsor", "upline", or whoever are not simply cloning themselves onto you, unless, of course, you enjoy being someone else's clone.

And if you're NOT in network marketing, consider the question... who do you REALLY associate with? And how do they complement you?
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