Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NPR On Point -- focus on Mary Kay MLM

Mary Kay Merc
Mary Kay Merc (Photo credit: kenjonbro (Celebrating 60 Years 1952-2012))
On Point with Tom Ashbrook has a special hour on MLM, specifically, Mary Kay, where the reporter for Harper's magazine did a special article on Mary Kay which paints a VERY troubling picture. Instead of empowering woman as they claim, the author claims that Mary Kay system basically chews up the woman and spit them back up, as it is basically one huge recruitment scam, that relies on recruiting clueless newbies, get them to buy inventory, to enrich yourself.

Listen to the whole hour. First half is the author, and a former Mary Kay affiliate debating the issues with Mary Kay compliance officer. The second half is a lawyer who sued MLMs for deception vs. DSA spokesperson.

Listen to it. You probably won't change your mind, but you will learn a lot.
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  1. Mary Kay is one of the worst. It preys on women's primal need to stay at home with their babies. I was a recent college graduate who got suckered into it briefly. The "meetings" were filled with nothing but sad, middle aged women who just wanted to be able to stay at home with their children.