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Bad Argument: The Preemptive Moral Strike

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Joseph Raymond McCarthy
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A "preemptive moral strike" is a particular insidious tactic used by people who want to appear as if they have the moral high ground, but actually doesn't. It's surprisingly simple.

To perform a preemptive moral strike, list the underhanded way your would use on your opponent, then claim your opponent used them first.

If you will lie, accuse your opponent being a liar.

If you will blame the poor for the troubles, accuse your opponent of blaming the poor for the troubles.

You get the idea.

Is it hypocrisy? Absolutely, but at the time of delivery, if done properly such as enlisting some greater ideology like "The American Dream", "Liberty", and so on, it causes the sheeple to flock to the accuser's defense. Accuser is exercising his leadership, and most people, when lead, will simply follow.

Hitler accused Roosevelt and Churchill of conspiring the take over the world, when he's the one trying to establish the Fourth Reich. Yet he lead the German people and conquered most of Europe, by appealing to the German sense of pride and Fatherland.

Joseph McCarthy accused his opponents of being un-American, with his Committee was the one treading on people's freedoms, the most fundamental of being an American, by issuing innuendos and statements that damaged reputations of hundreds of people, and death of many (some committed suicide).

And the most advanced scammers do the same thing, claiming moral outrage when they are the ones cheating.

Those of you who follow this blog may have know that in late July, ZeekRewards attempted to silence my criticism of it by sending a letter to my article host, and the signer, Robert Craddock, used the "preemptive moral strike", claiming that *they* the scam (closed by SEC on August 16, 2012, less than a month later) copyrights was violated, and affiliates "interfered with", and whatever I said was "untrue".

[ Read more about this incident ]

Turns out NONE of their accusations were true, and it's even debatable whether SEC had ALREADY been in contact with Zeek at that time.

They claim that their copyright was violated, when the copyrights they listed for "ZeekRewards" logo and such were NOT OWNED by Zeek or RVG, but instead, owned by some third-party called Ebon Research.  (And besides, it's fair use, as I'm reviewing the company, not misrepresenting myself as it)

They claim what I said was untrue, but they neglected to provide any proof to disprove my analysis. Turns out everything I suspected turned out to be true.

And obviously, pointing out a scam is, in fact, a scam, is going to interfere with the scam's operation.

But many of the Zeek heads (that's my pet name for Zeek Rewards followers / victims) actually believed it, though it really didn't matter, as less than a month later Zeek's closed by the Feds.

Thus, the "preemptive moral strike" was too little, too late.

What's surprising is Craddock continued to this "preemptive moral strike", even AFTER Zeek's closing, claiming to be able to re-open Zeek. Enough so that he may have received an SEC subpoena. (see below for link).

Beware when a pre-emptive moral strike was launched.  Get proof, not appeal to emotion and other red herrings.
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