Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did "Zeek Defender" Craddock got an SEC subpoena?

According to Ponzitracker Jordan Maglich, it is possible that Robert Craddock, who represented himself as working for Zeek at one time, may have gotten an SEC subpoena.

One of the individuals leading an advocacy group openly critical of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC”) handling of the alleged $600 million Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme has reportedly been subpoenaed to appear before the SEC.  The individual, Robert Craddock, made this disclosure in a September 22, 2012 mass email directed to victims who have rallied behind claims that the SEC may have mis-handled the case.  While the SEC did not provide the reason for the subpoena, some have speculated that recent comments attributed by Craddock to the SEC concerning purported admissions of fault in the SEC's case against Zeek which were later refuted may have piqued the SEC's interest.

However, Craddock tried to "spin" this into [my lawyers are meeting with the SEC now] as if he's negotiating with the SEC in some of the previous announcements.

Greetings good people, yesterday was an interesting day, I received a notice to appear in front of the SEC, as of now the conversation between the SEC and our attorneys will be ongoing, I cannot comment to the reasons for asking me personally but the timing is highly suspect.
As everyone knows, I took on this fight so, the SEC could not separate people and attack them personally, but by us coming together as a group we stood a much better chance of using the size and power of the group. Our goal was to secure qualified legal counsel to respond to what is believed to be baseless charges by the SEC.

I expect to see a flurry of activity between the SEC and our attorneys in the coming weeks and hopefully we will vindicate the business model of the Zeekler penny auction and Zeek Rewards.
Mr. Craddock, as Daxus said to Violet in "Ultraviolet"... "Are you mental?"

Cover of "Ultraviolet (Unrated, Extended ...
Ever seen the scene where Daxus
asks Violet "Are you mental?"
Cover of Ultraviolet (Unrated, Extended Cut)
SEC probably called you to appear because you spread LIES about them, not because they want to have a friendly chat.

You probably have NO chat going between "SEC and our [your] attorneys". Your lawyer may have notice to appear in front of the receiver, but that's not the SEC.

Yet you accuse all your critics of being liars, without proving any thing on your own side.

At best, it's kettle calling the pot black. As worst, it's pure hypocrisy.

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