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UPDATE on Motor Club of America (MCA) and TVC Matrix

NOTE: There's a previous post about MCA and TVC

Further investigation of MCA/TVC yielded some results.  NOTE: Updated 13-DEC-2012

This / (same website)

However, there's this "TVC Pro-Driver" that I didn't notice before.

Further search for TVC Pro-Driver produced a website called

Trivia: TVC stands for "Trucker's Voice in Court".

However, the domain reg info is set to private. (Why?)  It's also registered through a different registrar. So this is NOT an official TVC website, but rather, an independent website selling TVC, and under "Contact Us", we got the name" Jeffrey Nagel", who leads a bunch of TVC associates in Oregon and Nevada at truck stops. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, there's barely a word about recruiting more sales associates. Good!

However, this website produced no new information. Back to and Pro-Driver. And I get...

If you go "more details", you get...

And if you scroll to the end, you get...

So what is "Advance"?

It's an income projection table if you sell a plan or day, or more. I can see a truck stop doing that much business.

So what about "Matrix"? This gets a bit troubling.
Basically, it says if you refer 3 people (i.e. get 3 people to join TVC) you can start earning $$$ if they each refer 3 people, and so on and so forth. People who refer people. That's a problem. This is suspiciously looking like a pyramid scheme, because it would look like this (and we've only gone down 5 levels, not 11!):

There is NO affiliate agreement on the website. If you click on affiliate tab on the top, you get this screen:

Note the "TVC Matrix" and "MCA Matrix" buttons on top.

This proves that TVC Matrix is completely separate from the MCA Matrix. You CAN join TVC without joining MCA, but that's because they treat it like two separate companies with two completely separate genealogies. You end up in a matrix nonetheless.

The fundamental question: Can you join the sales force WITHOUT joining the autoclub (or truck club), remains UNANSWERED.

Why is this important? Because it means autoclub is for the end user, and affiliates/associates are actually selling the membership to "end users" (who are not also associates). If you have associates recruiting more associates (who became associates by joining TVC matrix or MCA matrix) with little or no sales to "end users", then you have a PYRAMID SCHEME.

(btw, I use "autoclub" here to refer to either TVC Pro-Driver or Motor Club of America, as the benefit, not the sales associate)

Back to "pyramid scheme 101" for a minute... there are FOUR aspects of a pyramid scheme

  1. You pay to join  (legalese: "consideration")
  2. This enterprise / scheme / organization / whatever 
  3. and get the right to recruit other people (who also pay to join just like you) 
  4. and you get paid (legalese: "compensated") when you recruited more than one people (either directly or indirectly)

So how do you prove you are NOT a pyramid scheme?
  • You can say you are not a pyramid scheme when you don't pay anything to join. That breaks 1.  (However, buying a "starting kit" or a membership into something else is NOT necessarily a defense. Nor is it necessarily a defense when VAST MAJORITY of members did pay to join.)
  • You can say you don't get paid when you recruit, but on actual sales. That breaks 4. (However, putting people in a "matrix" or pretend membership is a product is NOT necessarily a defense). 

So far, TVC / MCA has NOT been able to conclusively prove it is NOT a pyramid scheme by using either defense.  defense #2.

There is no proof anywhere that you can join as an associate without actually buying a MCA or TVC membership. TVC can clarify this easily by publishing the associate agreement.

UPDATE: The agreement had to be Googled, as it's NOT listed anywhere on the website. However, it is accessible here:

The point you need to know is this one:
17. No product purchase by the Associate is required. Data/processing fees will be deducted from earned commissions and bonuses. Associates may sell memberships and earn commissions on sales.
Thus, apparently it is NOT necessary to join MCA (or TVC) to enroll as an associate and earn money. However, it is still unknown just how many people actually know of this option.

Furthermore, the "refer 3" (which I've been told, is used on both MCA and TVC side) makes it increasing look like a pyramid scheme, when you are getting paid by "referring people" (who also refer people). That means people who PAID are recruiting people who pay, thus negating defense one.

There is no proof anywhere that says you are NOT paid on recruiting new members... because you are! The question is... are these members of the autoclub ONLY, or are they new associates? The former is legal... the latter makes it a pyramid.

VAST MAJORITY of the videos and websites out there for MCA are of the income type... which means they are looking for ASSOCIATES... not members. (in contrast, that TVC West website is looking for regular members, NOT associates).

That's why MCA is in danger: its affiliates are PERVERTING its purpose... they are marketing MCA not as a motor club, but as an INCOME OPPORTUNITY. And that, will get it into trouble with the FTC.
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  1. You can join MCA without buying the plans. That is what I did. You still make commissions just like you would if you bought a plan. It is not a requirement to buy the plan. You won't get all the tabs to show up on the TVC matrix site unless you actually register as an associate. Try it. You won't be asked for any payments. TVC Marketing handles all MCA sales.

    1. Now where does it say that on the TVCMarketing website? :)

      Or is this like an insider secret, we only tell you if you join (or when someone asks, like me)?

    2. I thought I was crazy when I applied and didn't pay and wondered if anyone knew it - your blog has been very helpful. I have been doing a lot of research and plan on selling the product and seeing where it takes me. I got the welcome email and everything with never a payment made. Will keep this blog in the loop of my progress..

    3. I too am kinda new. I joined Nov. 20, 2012. I never made one single sale. Which i find that odd, since everyone else are claiming how much they earn per week. I can't seem to get one sale. I been working so hard to promote mca. I even have a decent website compared to others. I tried all sorts of web traffic exchange sites, but all I get is spam from other recruiters wanting to sell me their products. What am I doing wrong?

    4. Probably nothing. "What am I doing wrong" is probably what your referrer said before s/he found you.

      Having a good website and a good product is not enough when there's just not really a market for it. When people say auto club, people don't think MCA. People think AAA, or whatever their insurance company gives out for free. Nobody cares about MCA (hyperbole) except people trying to sell it. So you have sellers selling to sellers. There are no buyers.

      That ain't a business. It's a chain recruitment scheme.

  2. all you see on social networks about mca is pics of everybody making a lot of money but in actuality the majority is asking for help. The only way I see people getting help is by joining some other "easy" money making system. I feel the majority are just taking advantage because making a lot of money in "mlm" companies isn't necessarily easy but that's all you see them say.

    I agree it's a recruitment scheme.

  3. First Off K. Chang There is no insurance company on earth that give you free emergency road side service all of them are independent contractor. Just as you stated in your comment.
    its funny how people will get involve with a company not for there services but for the money.. So when I see comments about not making money I laugh. You are paying for a service and nothing more. Stop entertaining this nonsense. At the end of the day I want to hear about MCA services nothing more.

    1. Oh, I agree that people marketing TVC should be emphasizing the service, but it seems most TVC promoters are "selling" it as income opportunity, which was my conclusion... people are PERVERTING TVC.

    2. Yeah, they are perverting it. But what can MCA/TVC do about it? There's way too many reps out there to get it under control.

    3. A company can "lose control" over its reps? Maybe it has too many.

  4. I am so glad someone else actually did their research about MCA! You do NOT get paid to recruit people...that's just another fabricated lie scheme seeking associates use to make money. You are paid to sell and promote the benefits and services... Nothing else! Just like car sellers. They don't get paid to recruit, but to sell cars. If more and more people will stop looking solely at the income aspect they wouldn't be whining about not making any money and the "startup costs!"

    1. Blame the "recruiters"... who marketed MCA as "income opportunity"... and for MCA for not "catching" them earlier.