Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bad Argument: Reverse Psychology Spam Domains

With domain registration under $10 for a year, and free hosting for blogs and such available, a lot of scammers have started making domains that claims to post information about a potential scam, but instead, actually recruits you into the scam.

I've previously seen plenty of examples for TVI Express, but here's an example involving Zeek Rewards.

Note the domain and title, but most of the info is actually for recruiters, assuring Zeek is NOT a scam. It even reprints articles from the official Zeek Rewards "news" website. (this is one of them)  

Look at the next picture, which is bottom of the same page: 

Yep, link to webinar (for the scam), signup link (for the scam) and even a link to a place to help you automate the placement of ads to benefit (for the scam).

This is not a review. This is not even an advertorial. This is a landing age for a recruiter PRETENDING to be fair review.

This is outright fraud. 

Now that Zeek's over and out, this person went onto advertise some other "1000 a day" scheme.
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