Friday, August 24, 2012

WARNING: "reload" scams targeting Zeek Rewards Ponzi victims

On the Internet there are a LOT of "opportunities" pledging their innocence, and going after Zeek victims any way. Enough so, that North Carolina Department of Justice, Attorney General's Office, issued a special alert warning any Zeek victims of falling for a "reload scam".

One such company, whose name starts with a V, even announced a "rescue plan" for all Zeek affiliates. After the outcry, they quickly reversed course and claimed they are being mistaken for another scam.

Another company, whose URL starts with U, is far less worried about their image. Why? Because they are a penny auction site too.

But then comes the ultimate shills... or self-delusionals... who believe that Zeek's innocent and should be restarted. These are the people who created a petition on, and later, on And people signed them because they are gullible, that they believed their uplines when their uplines sprouted garbage about "the competition told lies to the government about us".

And now, these people want your DONATION. That's right, they need YOUR MONEY to help them restart a scam, whose owner had already capitulated.

Here's their website: (click to view full size)

Note that you don't even know who the f___ is running this thing. Sounds like an affiliate, doesn't it? But it doesn't say. Let's look at their terms and conditions...

This is run by "Fun Club USA" out of Florida. So who the heck is Fun Club USA? It ain't a night club, that's for sure. Here's its listing: INACTIVE.  And the registered agent, who's usually an attorney, is also the VP. Well, if the VP of Fun Club USA is an attorney, then why does Craddock need to HIRE an attorney?

And where's this 433 Silver Beach? it's just a rental office. See the "office for rent" sign?

And it's operated by... Robert Craddock. The same guy who claimed I was illegally using the Zeek name, Zeek logo, and so on and so forth. 

Well, it seems you're using the Zeek name multiple times, Mr. Craddock. Did you tell everyone you actually work for Zeek? Here's the end of your letter:

Are you going to send the receiver a takedown notice too?

UPDATE 27-AUG-2012 -- apparently someone showed this article to Mr. Craddock, because he managed to produce a "receipt" that he renewed his biz on SATURDAY AFTERNOON and shown it to Mr. Dooly.

Funny, his announcement went out on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, so he was soliciting donations THEN realized his company's "inactive".

Frankly, if you *do* support this little venture (and I say... are you NUTS!?) here's my honest advice:


Craddock has stated in a follow-up e-mail that any "remaining funds" will be used for PR to repair Zeek's "bad name". Frankly, that's a "shifting goalpost", as this wasn't the original mission.

Again, if you don't want your money to be used for something else...



  1. I'm going to create a professional firm designed to stop reload scamsters from scamming for Zeek affiliates. I will ask all Zeek affiliates to donate so that my firm can spend in the millions to hire legal, CPA, and PR firms.

    Whatdaya think?

  2. All you need is a Wiki, actually. I suggested that on RealScam.

    Ponzipedia sounds pretty good. Better go register it now. :D

  3. Do you know anything about a guy named GLENN GREEN? He is with a company called Mannazo. There is a big team from Zeek "re-loading" with him and I have heard questionable things.