Sunday, September 16, 2012

PERSUASION: Former Zeek PR man confirmed Zeek Head Paul Burks skilled in deception

The people who believe in Zeek Rewards / Rex Venture Group may have place their trust in a man who is very skilled at deception and sleight of hand, as newly revealed details prove.

Paul Burks was a country singer and a magician. In fact, he's known as the "singing magician" in the 1980's and 1990's. This was revealed by Clifton Jolley, current of, and for less than a month, hired by Burks to deal with some communications problem. Only weeks after being hired, SEC shut down Zeek.

In the following video, Clifton Jolley interviews another lawyer who explains what exactly did SEC do to Zeek and why. At about the 11 minute mark, Clifton Jolley mentioned that he knew Paul Burks was a magician and a singer, and Burks even performed several tricks for him right on the spot.

I was subsequently able to verify this through Google searches. Paul Burks was known as "the singing magician".

Here's Calhoun Times and Gordon County News

Here's Lexington Dispatch

Apparently, Burks had performed his magnum opus, a sleight of hand involving two million people.

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  1. Well, I'm sure he still had plenty of time to be a radio show host and write software for Kenny King's Chicken prior to establishing "Singed and Numbered International" in 1997.

    The sad thing is that since he's more or less the top banana in Rex Ventures his ability to "sing" wont provide him much leverage with the prosecutor in his pending criminal case.

    Unless the he sings his "song" to the receiver about where other top earners might be hiding their money.

    Now that would be a performance I'd pay to see.

  2. Here's some other newspaper links (I searched "Kathy Raye David Houston"):,237192,3435140

    "Senior Citizen Appreciation Day"
    * David Houston (C&W singer) WAS the organization from 1974 or so until his death in 1993, 58 years old (born 1935)
    -- his son David Houston jr. lives in Shreveport, Louisiana

    * Kathy Raye (Houston), David Houston's new wife, age 29 (in 1988), former Miss Lousiana, Country singer, born 1959 or so.

    * Paul R. Burks, the singing magician, lived in Shreveport Lousiana in 1987, and moved probably to Lexington in 1987/1988, born 1947 or so.

    So Paul Burks had a relatively normal carrere as an entertainer until 1993, when David Houston died.

    David Houston was the star of the show, and the organiser. He had some hits between 1966 and 1974, but started as a nursery home entertainer around 1974.

    Connections points in the direction of Shreveport, Louisiana.

    1. There was a biography of Paul Burks on The Dispatch, written by Nash Dunn.

      He went to school there, but nobody has any idea where was he born.

  3. my name is cutter cobb my mother and Paul Burks did the senior citizens day shows if you want the real facts ask me.