Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Scam a Scammer

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Scammers can be scammed, if you really put in the effort.

Facebook and dating sites are rife with "sweetheart scammers" that want to befriend you, then hit you up for money. I mentioned before one of my friends was hit by one such person who pretended to be someone in the UK and needs some money to pay for "inheritance tax" so she can move to the US and be with my friend (yeah, right).

Clearly, some people spot such scams, and instead of simply ignoring them, they scam the scammer, try to waste as much of scammer's time as possible so it cannot be dedicated to scam other victims, as well as try to draw out some real info for law enforcement.

The most famous of which is, which goes after the people doing 419 scams (i.e. Nigerian scams).

However, recently I found this "chronicle" of one guy's quest to mess with this scammer for as long as possible... and he managed to drag one such Facebook scammer through **** for THREE MONTHS by acting jealous, idiotic, and generally "griefing" a scammer.

It's a HILARIOUS read.
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