Wednesday, September 30, 2015

USFIA Raided by SEC, FBI, etc. on 29-SEP-2015, assets frozen, company seized

Multiple news sources, including onsite witnesses, have reported that FBI, SEC, and several other agencies have raided USFIA on 9/29/2015 and froze its assets, and appointed a receiver to take over.

San Gabriel Valley News

SGVT: U.S. Government seizes Arcadia company's assets in GemCoin fraud case (29-SEP-2015)

Epoch Times

Epoch Times: Gemcoin HQ seized by law,. assets frozen (9/29/2015)
According to Epoch Times, citing onsite witnesses, the authorities arrived at 1PM, and took all the important documents. Reporters arrived at 4 PM, and only the receiver and lawyers are left, a locksmith was changing the lock, and various employees leaving with personal effects. Some investors trying to get inside and find out what's going on were turned away.

Investors included both Asians and Latinos. "Nereyda Alvarec" said people she knew have put in possibly over 1 million dollars, from all over the country, even outside of the US. She put in 3000 personally, and got back about 1000. She thought everything was fine, now she's not sure.

Long Z. Liu, an attorney who represented some victims, needs more victims to come forward, and want the best representative cases... no downlines, simple and clean background, high believability. He believes he can launch the lawsuit in 2 weeks or so, and he will sue EVERYBODY that was advertised to be involved, including John Wuo and other "honorary members" of UCCA such as Quen Jian.

And finally, Singtao Daily


  1. This is a great day for Arcadia and the larger community of people victimized by the predatory tactics of Steve Chen, Solomon Yang and other associates of Arcadia councilman John Wuo.
    With the restraining order in place, more fact-finding can be conducted while the likelihood of new victims in Arcadia and California is reduced.
    Whether or not John Wuo is indicted for his involvement is a matter for federal law enforcement and the US Attorney to decide. The LA District Attorney will also have a chance.
    The City of Arcadia should act now and call for his resignation if he continues to refuse to resign. The city council should censure him and restrict his activity in official business if he refuses to resign. His presence on the city council has become an embarrassment to the city and he should do the right thing and resign.
    Thank you to the brave men and women who risked personal harm and retribution for speaking out against AFG, USFIA, GemCoin, Steve Chen and John Wuo who victimized and threatened them.
    Thank you to the federal and local law enforcement officials who listened to them, took them seriously and then acted swiftly.

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