Friday, October 2, 2015

Vemma update: Vemma / BK Boreyko / Tom Alkazin said it's ALL affiliate's fault

Vemma, BK Boreyko, and Tom Alkazin each had filed response to FTC's case. From here on, it's clear what their strategy is:

To all the YPR Vemma affiliates...

IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT! (you deserved to be scammed)

Why, you thought I was kidding? 

Excerpt from Vemma's official response:
...Consumers represented by the FTC knowingly and voluntarily, and possibly unreasonably, exposed themselves to any claimed losses with knowledge or appreciation of the risk involved...
BK Boreyko's response also contained this section. 

Tom Alkazin's response is slightly shorter, but said the same thing:
...Any consumers represented by the FTC knowingly and voluntarily assumed the risk of losses.
In other words, if you lost money, it's because you are stupid, not because they tricked you. 

But this attitude of victim blaming is hardly unique.  It is a frequent defense by scammers, who basically said "the victims deserved to be fleeced". 

Paul Burks of Zeek Rewards was quoted by newspaper when questioned about victims and loss of money, "I never told anyone to invest more money than they could afford, I didn't tell them to do that. Never.... It's their fault. Not mine. Don't blame me." 

Dennis Bolze of Arizona also tried the same thing, after scamming many seniors out of millions. He got sentence enhancement for scamming vulnerable population (seniors), and he appealed that, claiming the victims knew what they were doing, thus should not be considered vulnerable population, i.e. they want to be scammed. The court didn't like that attitude at all. 

BK Boreyko and Tom Alkazin just said the same thing. 

IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT! (you deserved to be scammed)

Oh, and they also blamed other affiliates for the scamming. They claim they have NO control over that. (Funny, Herbalife seem to have no problem controlling ITS distributors...)

Therefore, there really is no other interpretation. If you continue to believe in Vemma...

Either you're among the scammers...  according to BK... 

Or you're among the sheeple waiting for be fleeced, also according to BK

Think about that, and your future with Vemma...

If there is any.


  1. The biggest REAL scam I have seen is that "Empower Network" that was all over the place a few years ago. Those are the companies that give the industry a bad name! Vemma sells products that people consume and love, and would buy anyway. Put Vemma energy drink in 7-11 beside Monster, and Redbull, etc, and I bet the Vemma would outsell the others combined.

    1. Empower is still around (barely) but they haven't been hit by the FTC.

      People don't love Vemma for Vemma. They love Vemma for the alleged income it can bring. If people really love Verve that much BK wouldn't have to do a fire sale and lower the prices 50%.

      Did you consider if Vemma's doing so well, why did revenue GO DOWN in 2014? Clearly, you've not been told the truth. Vemma's close to bankruptcy before FTC hit them. BK is about to kick in a couple million out of his own pocket and arranged for another couple million in credit to tide the company over.

      You are merely prolonging the inevitable.